The Imperishable Podcast – Episode 4

Here is the fourth episode of The Imperishable Podcast presented by! The snow storm slowed us down but it didn’t stop us. Listen in as Justin, Ruben and George discuss the following topics and perhaps a bit more!

Topics for The Imperishable Podcast – Episode #4:

      • AGP Richmond Snow Out
      • Japan Open Results / AGP Pasadena aka RR’s Last Ride
      • Card Spotlight: The Moonlit Savior Reveals
      • Deck Spotlight: Primogenitor & Kaguya Brews
      • Amazing contest continues

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In his spare time, he enjoys playing Diablo 3, Rhythm games and being a weeaboo.

In his spare time, he plays board games, watches Anime and plays D&D.

George is an avid video game player, musician, fantasy/sci-fi writer, web designer and comic book nerd.

2 thoughts on “The Imperishable Podcast – Episode 4

  • January 29, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Love the podcast so far, keep it up!

    As a thought – do you think that it’s not quite power creep, but more an attempt to increase the power of the rulers so that they become more centric to the game? The more important ruler choice becomes and the more the meta is defined by rulers opposed to other cards, the more different their identity is to other TCGs on the market.

  • January 27, 2016 at 11:58 am

    I’ve been enjoying these episodes of the podcast guys, excellent job and keep it up. One thing to point out for this episode regarding Gill Lapis and Gleipnir, you only draw a card when dealing battle damage to your opponent or their J-Ruler and also getting to recover the target forced to block is the only Valentina exclusive. Now be careful though because your opponent could pull a The Final Word or, later on, Kaguya’s Premonition. Can’t wait for the next one guys!

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