Meet the Hosts!

The Imperishable Podcast comes at you every week and brings you the latest news and discussion about Force of Will. But who are these three guys who host the show? Learn more about Justin, Ruben and George by reading below!

Justin Moyer

Justin is relatively new to TCGs. Before FOW, he played Pokémon and MTG; however, Force of Will is his first competitive TCG. In his spare time, he enjoys playing Diablo 3, Rhythm games and being a weeaboo.



Ruben Sanchez

Ruben has been playing TCG’s for over 20 years. He has recently taken a competitive hiatus from MTG to explore FoW. Since playing FoW in mid 2015 Ruben has created a local competitive team, admins the local scene’s Facebook page, and is known for being a teacher of the game in the LGS he frequents. He is also an aspiring Judge for FoW and is looking to take his test down the road. In his spare time he plays board games, watches Anime and plays D&D. He is the epitome of what a gaming nerd is.



George Broyer

George’s introduction to the world of trading card games began over 20 years ago at the kitchen table against his dad with a game of Magic the Gathering.  He played a few games of Force of Will against Ruben in January 2016 and was instantly hooked. A fan of anime since middle school, the amazing art work and intriguing game play made him shelve MTG and focus on FOW. When not playing TCGs, George is an avid video game player, musician, fantasy/sci-fi writer, web designer and comic book nerd. He may also have a slight POP! Vinyl addiction.