The Imperishable Podcast Episode 28 and present the 28th episode of The Imperishable Podcast! Listen in as Justin, Ruben and George discuss the following topics and perhaps a bit more!

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Topics for The Imperishable Podcast – Episode #28:


  • Current Topics/Meta:
    • AGP RI Results
      • 83 players
      • AGP Providence Ruler Breakdown
        • R/R: 59
        • Machina, the Machine Lord: 5
        • Shion: 5
        • Kaguya 3.0: 4
        • Valentina 2.0: 3
        • Dark Alice: 2
        • Gill Lapis: 2
        • Melgis, the Flame Lord: 1
        • Rezzard 1.0: 1
        • Sylvia: 1
        • Total = 83 (71.1% R/R)
      • Top 8:

        • 1. R/R Knights
        • 2. Gill Lapis Light/Water/Darkness
        • 3. R/R Stealth
        • 4. R/R NecroLance
        • 5. R/R Stealth
        • 6. R/R Stealth
        • 7. Val 2.0 Stealth
        • 8. R/R Four Sacred Beasts
      • #1 Alex Blandin (R/R Knights) vs. #6 Ernest Patton (R/R Stealth)!
      • Alex Blandin wins with side into Melgis
    • Lapis Cluster Rules Changes

      • Why all the big changes in general? To continue the same level of enjoyment one can have, while increasing the accessibility!
      • Why the changes to what happens when J-rulers are destroyed? To encourage players to use Judgment more often
      • Why the alteration of card design? To create a design where the most prominent aspect is the illustration.
      • Cleaning up needless wordiness to make the game more accessible!
      • New Battlegrounds
        • Once the Lapis Cluster is officially released, the Grimm Cluster will disappear from New Frontiers. However, we’re still interested in the powerful decks that could be made using cards from Grimm, Alice, and Lapis Clusters.
        • That’s why from September onwards, we’ll be running some different event types!
        • New Frontiers (The most recent two clusters) will continue. This is the regulation used for the Ruler League shop tournaments and most AGP and NGP events.
        • Wanderer League (All cards from Grimm, Alice, and Lapis Cluster. It is possible it may increase to allow clusters after the Lapis Cluster as well, in the future.)
      • Grimm Full Art WL Promo
      • Alternate Art Dual Stones printed in CFC. Stones are R so could be full art versions
    • Valentina 2.0 Controversy
      • When the new Ruler ruling takes effect (become a Ruler without the ability to Judgement) will Overlord Valentina keep all 7 names?
      • CR will be updated within 3 weeks after CFC
    • New Lore: The Moonlit Savior Part 5
    • Card Spotlight: Vingolf/Lapis Previews

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