The Imperishable Podcast Episode 25

Check out the 25th episode of The Imperishable Podcast, presented by and! Listen in as Justin, Ruben and George discuss the following topics and perhaps a bit more!

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Topics for The Imperishable Podcast – Episode #25:

    • AGP Results
    • Upcoming AGPS
    • ARG Nationals Philly July 29th-31st
    • Special Souvenir Cards

      • The most obvious change is the relocation of the ATK and DEF stats. These have been moved to the left side of all cards from Lapis Cluster onwards and rotated as well.
      • This has been done so that you can easily view the ATK and DEF of all cards while they are in your hand. Additionally, their sideways orientation means they are easy to read when the have been rested for attacking and blocking.
      • The second change is the alteration of the placement of free costs. Free costs used to be to the lower right hand side of an attribute cost. From now on, free costs will be placed in the center of the attribute cost. This is done so that more of the card’s image can be seen and to create a better overall aesthetic. To cut down on confusion the ability Target Attack has also been changed to Precision. Cards with Target Attack are considered to be cards with Precision in the case of old cards.
      • Finally we can see that super rare cards now have a gold border around there will cost. This is unique to super rare cards and was done to give a little more pomp and circumstance to their rarity.
    • Wanderer League Ban List
      • What cards do we think should be on list?
    • FoW Movie News
      • Volume 1 “Cthulhu”
        Fiction and reality seen by a young girl haunted by « Word ». An evil giant who threatens the world, extraordinary creatures, and the “word battle” of a charming girl. Birth of an unprecedented mysterious dark fantasy.
      • Volume 2 “Ramayana”
        The story takes place in the year 5076 of the cosmic history, in an interstellar world 5000 years after our time. There, still remains the immaculate love between Prince Râma and his wife Sîtâ. There, also, occurs continuously a tragedy. Will Prince Râma be able to save his wife kidnaped by Ravana, King of the Rakshasa…? Adaptation of the Râmâyana, one of the two great epics of Hindu mythology. Birth of a fantastic space love story imagined by RiFF Studio.
      • Volume 3 “Monkey King”
        The work, based on « Journey to the West », is a Vale Tudo with gun action, CQB and sorcery! Action, as it has never been seen! The High-Speed Journey to the West Super Action, a version from a collaboration between Japan and Taiwan, offered to the world!
    • FOW News Bits
      • Force of Will ranked top 4 card game in ICV2 again!!
      • Curse of Frozen Casket and Lapis Starter Deck previews will happen at same time so 3 spoilers per week.
      • Going forward following this year’s WGP we will return to the usual New Frontiers format (with some Wanderer format events sprinkled in along the way too!).
    • Card Spotlight: Vingolf Previews

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