The Imperishable Podcast Episode 11

Now available, the 11th episode of The Imperishable Podcast presented by! Listen in as Justin, Ruben and George discuss the following topics and perhaps a bit more!

Topics for The Imperishable Podcast – Episode #11:

  • Force of Will Movie
  • TMS Box Opening Experiences
  • Comprehensive Rules Update
  • Will Power System Updates
  • Lore: A Meeting Of Light And Shadow
  • Two AGPs This Weekend with new Meta
  • Card Spotlight: Wind Secluded Refuge
  • Deck Spotlight: Yggdrasil Control

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In his spare time, he enjoys playing Diablo 3, Rhythm games and being a weeaboo.

In his spare time, he plays board games, watches Anime and plays D&D.

George is an avid video game player, musician, fantasy/sci-fi writer, web designer and comic book nerd.