Force of Will Vs Episode 1: Reflect vs Yggdrasil Game 1

The inaugural installment of our new gameplay series, Force of Will Vs Episode 1, is finally here. FoWHub is working in conjunction with Excalibur’s Zone Gaming to bring you a high quality feature matches between various decks and players.

In our first episode, Ruben pilots a Yggdrasil, the World Tree deck versus George’s Reflect/Refrain Midrange brew. Game 1 of the match-up is posted below. In a battle between Avatar of the Seven Lands Alice who wields Excalibur X and swiftness resonators such as Lanceleot, the Knight of Made Demon and Pricia, Prusuant of Exploding Flame, which strategy will come out on top? Counter spells vs Burn Spells. Drawing cards vs attacking quickly. A big bad resonator with protection vs army of fire resonators.

So, let’s see who prevails in the Force of Will Vs Episode 1 match-up! Will it be the Mighty Tree or the Wonder Twins?

Force of Will Vs Episode 1 Deck Lists:

Let’s Get YGGY with It!:
Force of Will-Reflect Midrange:

**Our apologies to who already has an online league named Duels of Truth. We have changed the name of our video gameplay series in respect of this fact to avoid any confusion. So, please excuse the mentions of the name in the first episode since it was already recorded before we were made aware of the conflict. Thanks to Alex Goodman and the GR team for being so understanding! 

Force of Will Vs  is an FoWHub exclusive video series presented in partnership with Excalibur’s Zone Gaming. Each Episode will feature 2 to 3 videos of each Game in the match. A variety of Force of Will decks will be played in the feature match videos. If you have any decks that you would like to see played, please contact us and let us know! Maybe you will see your own Force of Will deck build in a future Force of Will Vs episode. Find out more about EZG on YouTube, Twitter, Patreon and more!