JRuler Sparks: Unboxing Dawn of Valhalla Video

Unboxing Dawn of Valhalla Video from JRuler Sparks is a great video looking at the cards from the original Force of Will Cluster. Even though these cards are not legal in the US, they are still fun to check out and see where Force of Will started from. This set is part of the genesis of the game we all play and love so be sure to check out the video and see these amazing and rare cards.

From JRuler Sparks himself:
Get a look at what the original Force of Will game looked like, and what the eternal format would include! I did an unboxing of an entire “The Dawn of Valhalla” english box of cards. These are very hard to get ahold of, so I hope you enjoy. With any luck Force of Will will support their Origins format in the future with major tournaments! I’ve also did something new with the audio so I hope it sounds good. As always any feedback is appreciated. I’m listening!

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