JRuler Sparks: Top 5 Things to Strengthen FoW Video

Top 5 Things to Strengthen FoW Video is the first official video for FoWHub from JRuler Sparks. In his video, JRuler Sparks discusses several key points that he believes are essential for the game to grow and flourish. From where to buy singles and sealed product to attending AGPs and ARGs to how to help new Force of Will players, the video goes into great detail about each of the items covered. So, watch the video and let us know down in the comments if you agree with all of the points, some of the points or none of the points made in the Top 5 Things Players Need to do to Strengthen Force of Will video by JRuler Sparks. Also, keep an eye out for new videos from JRuler Sparks here on FoWHub.com. We look forward to seeing what other topics and decks he covers in future vids!

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