JRuler Sparks: Top 5 Things Force of Will Company Needs to Do

JRuler Sparks returns with his Top 5 Things Force of Will Company Needs to Do video with his view on whatthe folks at the TCG HQ must accomplish for the game. Expanding on his previous video about what Players can do to strengthen the game, he now takes on the corporate angle about what Force of Will itself can address to grow the trading card game. From supporting the legacy Wanderer League to toning down the power creep to increasing the Judge Program, JRuler Sparks breaks down the items that will help the game continue on for years that FoW company can take care of to ensure it’s own future.

From JRuler Sparks himself:
There are the top 5 things the Force of Will company needs to do to keep the gem strong and grow into the future! Please join the discussion with your opinions in the comments!

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