JRuler Sparks: Reflect Refrain Tempo Deck Tech Video

In this Reflect Refrain Tempo Deck Tech Video, JRuler Sparks covers his deck that went 3-1 at his locals. The deck features Fire, Darkness and Water cards while controlling the tempo of the game using removal, powerful resonators and, of course, RR’s built in abilities. There is also a deck tech combo that fire players everywhere will want to be aware of to possibly include in their own brews.  With card draw, removal and swiftness resonators, this Reflect/Refrain Tempo Deck will keep any opponents on their toes. Check out the video as JRuler Sparks breakdown the cards and strategy of the deck list and see if it’s a build that interests you!

Deck List:

Ruler – Reflect, Child of Potential

Magic Stone of Scorched Bales-X2
Magic Stone of Hearth’s Core-X4
Magic Stone of Moon of Moon Shade-X3
Little Red the Pure Stone-X1

Main Deck:
Change the World, Orb of Illusion-X4
Necromancy of the Undead Lord-X2
Cheshire Cat the Ginning Remnant-X4
Rukh Egg-X4
Guinevere the Jealous Queen-X4
Space-Time Anomaly-X2
Hera, Goddess of Jealousy-X1
Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon-X4
Flame King’s Shout-X3
Keeper of the Past, Urthr-X4
Adombrali, the Unfathomable-X4
Athena, Titan of Revenge-X1
Valentina, Puppet Monarch-X1

Side Deck:
Robe of the Fire Rat-X2
Barrier of Shadows-X2
Horn of the Sacred Beasts-X1
Dethscythe, the Life Reaper-X2
Illusory demonic Globe, the Earth-X1
Conqueror of the Black Moon, Gill Lapis-X1
Susanoowo, the Ten-Fist Sword-X1
Glimpse of Kaguya-X1
Alice’s Pursuit-X2
Prison in the Lunar Lake-X1
Hera, Goddess of Jealousy-X1

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