JRuler Sparks: Why is Reflect/Refrain So Good?

The Why is Reflect/Refrain So Good? Should it be Banned? Video is another video from FoWHub contributor 

 JRuler Sparks. In this video, JRuler Sparks discusses one of the hottest, most controversial topics in all of Force of Will… the ruler Reflect, Child of Potential. Known as Reflect, R/R or Reflect/Refrain, the card is often argued over with most people being for or against the card in a heated way. There is not much middle ground when it comes to the Wonder Twins. Topping competitive tournaments, Reflect/Refrain is either seen as a savior or a bane to the game of Force of Will. When one card so consistently rules the meta, we must look into why it is so good and if anything needs to be done to level out the playing field. The latter has somewhat been done with an Errata coming earlier this year, but is a ban needed? JRuler Sparks dives into this question to hopefully find the answer!

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