Days of Our Standbys: The Millennia of Ages Manga Recap

The Millennia of Ages Manga Recap is the fourth article in our column, Days of Our Standbys with Justin Moyer. The story focuses on Lumia in the fourth issue of the Force of Will manga comic. So, if you want a quick summary of what takes place with the characters that grace the cards you love to play or just want a refresher, then be sure to keep an eye out for more installments. We highly recommend that you read the manga as well because the words are cool but the artwork makes it ten times better.

The Millennia of Ages Manga Recap

We pick up the story this time once again with the defeat of Little Dread aka Nyarlathotep and the Castle in Heaven falling. You see a girl with two tone hair who is in search of her brother who had stood against the demons once. It’s Lumia!!

With this section of the story, it opens up so many questions in just the first page. One is the timeline of the events that take place seems to be all over the place considering that Lumia is alive and is the same as the last time you saw Grimm. Second is that if in my previous writing I am correct about how much time has passed then that would mean that no one truly ages they just go by with time. This could just be an oversight in the writings or it could mean that if everyone is truly in a book that time flows differently there and that is way more than I want to try to delve into.

SO, Lumia finds a book that appears to be her brother Grimm’s. Once she picks it up, the earth starts to tremble and splits apart. Low and behold Nyarlathotep!!!! He emerges and starts to immediately destroy the city. Aesop being with Lumia quickly tries to rush her away from the situation however Lumia turns around to see Nyarlathotep only to see Little Dread in one of it’s tentacles. Little Dread is conscious and sees Lumia.


Lumia immediately blames Little Dread for saying it is all her fault and she looks different… well yea she looks different she is basically being consumed by Nyarlathotep at this point. Which brings me to a good point. Before i was saying that Nyarlathotep took the form of Little dread, however now it seems as though Little Dread may have just been a host for Nyarlathotep. She must have been carrying it on or in her when she was brought to this world. This also changes what kind of character she is in my eyes as well that she isn’t in fact evil. Lumia then wonders if this creature is one of the Old Ones and then Nyarlathotep goes on a rant about how humans are not necessary and that they must be removed.

::key dramatic villain music::

After Nyarlathotep’s dramatic speech Little Dread begins her own saying that she too is a needless thing and she must be erased. Someones feeling guilty. Her last words are that Grimm however is not in Nyarlathotep and that she isn’t lying. After that she is absorbed into Nyarlathotep. Then, Nyarlathotep reaches out for the book Lumia is holding. She holds on to the book and drops a bombshell that can be very easily over looked. It seems as though at first glance she is talking about the book she is hoping; however, I believe she is referring to her world as she says, It’s all just stories after all, but in theses stories, lies the hopes and dreams of many people.

BOOM! By her saying this if she is in fact referring to her world then that means she is aware of the other worlds of fairy tales and not just that but other books as well not just fairy tales… Knights of the round table anyone? After her bombshell, she then get grabbed up by Nyarlathotep and absorbed. Inside of Nyarlathotep, it appears to be yet another world where at the moment she is falling. Inside, she opens her brother’s book and it is empty whereas before it was filled with stories.

Then as she is looking at it she sees a message to her: To my beloved Lumia, I offer this magic. Now this raises the question of how does Lumia actually get her powers? Is it because her and Grimm are brother and sister or is it just because of the book she is holding? If we look back to Scheherazade, she as well had the power to pull people from other worlds and she had a scroll instead of a book. Could the scroll she had been passed down from generation to generation and then eventually made into a book?

Just from what I have read so far, it would seem that the book she holds has the power and it is not because of family ties. Once Lumia Awakens, she bursts from Nyarlathotep destroying it and emerging as the Lumia Ruler that she was always meant to be. Once Nyarlathotep has been defeated, Little Dread is brought back as well. Little Dread uses Lumia’s book to undo the curse that had befallen Grimm and he magically comes out of the fairy tale.


I feel that since Grimm is now back not from Lumia but by Little Dreads hands, that must mean the power that Grimm and Lumia have is all inside of the book. This also shows once again the Little Dread isn’t evil which is a relief considering I think she is a splendid character.

The story wraps up saying that the Old One was erased from within the Earth which maybe means that the other Great Old Ones were Cthulhu as well possibly. You see Grimm, as well, leaning over a book writing and he comes to the conclusion that maybe this is all a dream, which if that was the case, I would be really disappointed, considering so many things now seem to have the conclusion that these amazing stories are just from people in either dreams or comas.

Seeing Grimm writing in the book also seems to show that he is the narator of this whole story and back in the Scheherazade chapter that the book they were turning back may have been Grimms and he was talking about it. Which if that is the case then Grimm could potentionally be some super being that defies time. Also considering that the next cluster after A4 has something to do with Grimm, I have a feeling he is going to be revealed to be something more than just some prince who can magically bring fairy tales to life.

Read the full manga comic over at the FOWTCG site using the link below:

The Millennia of Ages Comic

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