Days of Our Standbys: Story of Scheherazade Manga Recap

Story of Scheherazade Manga Recap is the another article in our column, Days of Our Standbys with Justin Moyer. The story focuses on Lumia in the fourth issue of the Force of Will manga comic. So, if you want a quick summary of what takes place with the characters that grace the cards you love to play or just want a refresher, then be sure to keep an eye out for more installments. We highly recommend that you read the manga as well because the words are cool but the artwork makes it ten times better.

Story of Scheherazade Manga Recap

The next story they bring us on is of Scheherazade. It starts off like the last one telling about the last adventure with Little Dread aka Nyarlathotep being sent back to the dark depth of the earth. Which by them saying this, somewhat confirms that Little Dread was in fact Nyarlathotep because they are sending it back to the depths of the earth instead of back into a book.

From the fight that Nyarlathotep and Little Red had, the Castle of Heaven had lost it’s power and fallen from the skies. I am unsure how this would be possible unless they used the power that was keeping the Castle in Heaven floating to send Nyarlathotep back into the earth. I wish they had gone more into this fight because it would have been spectacular to see Nyarlathotep using the other Cthulhu fight Little Red with the characters of Oz, maybe in another chapter they will release, but i digress.

The story continues on by going back in time which they say they are turning back to page 1403 meaning that everything you have read and heard so far is actually being read through a book. Turning back to the page could indicate the date they are going to or it could just be a random page number they picked. The scene is set with the Scheherazade looking upon a scroll and she is summoning the shrine maiden princess of Tsukuyomi, Kaguya!


From this, Kaguya is summoned to her in a flash. It would seem that Scheherazade also has the same powers to bring stories to life just the same as we have seen Grimm do. Could it be that Scheherazade is one of Grimm’s ancestors?

Summoning Kaguya, Scheherazade asks her to lend her her power in order to help defeat the Old Ones. When Kaguya gets there, she is being a spoiled brat and tells Scheherazade that Scheherazade is rude for bringing her there and that she doesn’t understand anything she is saying. Scheherazade tells Kaguya that it is written that a princess of the far east will save the world. So does this mean that Scheherazade is the one from the first story and possibly not Alice?

Hearing all this, Kaguya looks around and sees a golden phoenix fly by and tells Scheherazade that in order for her to listen to anything she wants the bird. So, Scheherazade sets off to catch the bird for her. While attempting to catch the bird Scheherazade runs into a familiar face, Sinbad! Scheherazade tries to use a spell on the bird only for the bird to smack the spell away and it not get affected.

Sinbad, seeing all this and his donkey being affected by Scheherazade spell, comes up and tell Scheherazade she is doing it wrong. He then proceeds to catch the bird by offering it an apple and an apology. The bird then comes over takes the apple and rests on sinbads arm. Through all of this, Scheherazade sees that instead of being forceful if she is kind to people then they are more willing to help. Sinbad then goes off into the desert and Scheherazade says that she must repay him; however, Sinbad only says that next time they meet she must buy some of his fruit.


Back at the palace, Kaguya awaits Scheherazade and when Scheherazade arrives with the bird she is surprised that she captured it and they both apologize to each other for being rude. Kaguya then tells Scheherazade that she knew everything from the beginning, and that she has one more request… that they become friends. Hearing this, Scheherazade smiles and they laugh together then the phoenix flies off into the moonlight and Kaguya awakens to become the Immortal Princess, Kaguya!!!

In this chapter, it is pretty cut and dry. There isn’t much to speculate on other than the fact that from the last part of Kaguya becoming the Immortal Princess that she and Scheherazade must have worked together to rid the world of the Great Old Ones. Well, there goes my Alice theory.

Read the full manga comic over at the FOWTCG site using the link below:

Story of Scheherazade

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