Days of Our Standbys: Grimm 2 Manga Comic Recap

Grimm 2 Manga Comic Recap is the next article in our column, Days of Our Standbys with Justin Moyer. Grimm’s story continues in the second manga comic from Force of Will. So, if you want a quick summary of what takes place with the characters that grace the cards you love to play or just want a refresher, then be sure to keep an eye out for more installments. We highly recommend that you read the manga as well because the words are cool but the artwork makes it ten times better.

Grimm 2 Manga Comic Recap

The second comic raps up where the first one left off very quickly. You get a quick recap that Dracula awoke the night of the red moon and the despair he summoned covered the whole world not just the one town from the first book. Then, Grimm shows up to face him. Grimm, of course, used hope to vanquish Dracula and he disappeared back into the darkness along with his despair that he had brought onto the world.

However, not all was right for in this world as there is a price for using such a power. Grimm is, in turn, trapped in the world of fairy tales and falls into a deep sleep. This being the fact that in the second set TAT he becomes a resonator you can use that will help others with his powers. Lumiel the tower of hope has appeared as well. Jump forward an unexplained amount of time and you find that Little Red that was helping Grimm reading a book. I assume she is reading the fairy tale that Grimm has been turned into. She says she has forgotten as well and from this we can assume that since Grimm has been gone that quite a bit of time has passed.

Little Red is at Lumiel and rushes up the stairs only for you to find out that she is not truly Little Red but a fake, aka Little Dread the Fake Red Moon. So, I feel this creates somewhat of a plot hole that isn’t explained. Grimm summoned this Little Red however she is a fake who is evil. Which means that Grimm didn’t actually summon a creature of hope but, in fact, a creature of despair. OR it could mean that from the time of Grimm being turned into a fairytale she has gone through some hard times that has made her into what she is. Could this mean that the world she lives in now doesn’t except fairy tales and she was shunned by the world? Or maybe once Grimm was turned everyone blamed her for it and then she became this traitorous character. Either way she gets to the top of Lumiel and declares that she must become the real little red riding hood.

Jump to the Castle in Heaven where Little Red the true fairy tale is sitting surrounded by a fox and birds. You learn that someone brought her to this world and she has been waiting to find out her true story. With that line if we remember from the first story about the Old Great Ones and the one who defeated them… Alice… once that happened the people moved on to the Castle in Heaven, which in turn means that she has been there ever since then.

I say this because in the first chapter it is not mentioned at all that there is a way to get up to the Castle in Heaven. So does this mean that “Alice” summoned her and has the same powers as Grimm? Or does it mean that “Alice” used her ability to travel to worlds to go grab Little Red the true fairy tale to help defeated the Great Old Ones? Either way This Little Red has been on the Castle in Heaven for a very long time.


Along with Little Red TTFT, she is talking to someone who appears to be an elf and we all know that elves have incredibly long lives. Then Little Dread appears in a field across from Little Red. She mentions that they haven’t seen each other for hundreds of years; so, with this, it seems that they were in the same fairy tale and that Little Red seems to have left the fairy tale long before Little Dread did. You find out that Little Dread has stolen Little Red’s identity… no shocker there… however, it seems along with her identity that Little Dread has also stolen her memories.

The reason i say this is because she asks for it back meaning that it isn’t just a case of Little Dread pretending to be Little Red but that Little Dread seems to have stolen her memories as well and used them to actually steal her identity. Another speculation is that when Grimm had summoned Little Red in the other book aka Little Dread, She brought the true Little Red with her and stole her identity from her and then put her on the Castle in Heaven somehow. Little Dread then rushes Little Red and goes on about how she has been lying all these years and how she lied to herself first.

They then proceed to fight and Little Red gives the generic speech of how Little Dread is actually sad and in turn you see Little Dread turn into the Fiend of Dark Pyre. Mind blown, so this means that Grimm has summoned a Cthulhu out of his book then. I am not sure if this is the intended meaning or if it supposed to show Little Dread as being the wolf from Little Red riding hood and how the wolf wanted to be the good guy. However, the wolf image they show in the comic is the same as the Fiend of Dark Pyre. After that they continue to fight and Little Red goes on her heroine speech again and says she wants to know who the real Little Dread is.

Little Dread then proceeds to try and kill Little Red however Little Red gets up with the Heroes line saying she will not lose because she is in fact the true herself. Hearing this, Little Dread runs off and jumps off the side of the Castle in Heaven. Seeing this, Little Red runs after her and sees her falling and Little Dread yells back to her that she will tell her the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the story of a stupid girl and a miserable wolf.


From this, we can take that Little Dread is in fact the wolf from the story of little Red Riding Hood. From the card game however, i am not sure why they would use the same imagine as the wolf for the Cthulhu Ruler. I suspect that in the story of Little Red Riding Hood since Dracula had come before Little Dread emerged. Possibly his despair had reached the books of Grimm and contaminated them. Meaning that since the wold in the story was truly miserable then because of that Dracula had turned the wolf into Nyarlathotep to make him stronger.

Then, in turn, he could change forms from the wolf to the Cthulhu or into anything he willed and being the fact that he would die in the story he would want to take on the form of Little Red. Then in the story, Nyarlathotep took the true Little Red’s memories and appearance and while Grimm was in trouble jumped out of the book bringing the true Little Red with itself and somehow putting her in the castle in heaven somehow. Then once Nyarlathotep was in the real world, it fought with Grimm to get rid of Dracula and, in turn, get rid of Grimm so he couldn’t use his powers against it. Once all that was taken care of, it was free to roam the world and seek out Little Red to completely take her identity and kill her.

Read the full manga comic over at the FOWTCG site using the link below:

Grimm 2 Comic

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