Days of Our Standbys: Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale Manga Recap

Welcome to Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale Manga Comic Recap, the premiere article of Days of Our Standbys with Justin Moyer. In each edition of this Force of Will Lore focused column, Justin will provide a recap of one of the incredible manga issues based on the story of FoW. So, if you want a quick summary of what takes place with the characters that grace the cards you love to play or just want a refresher, then be sure to keep an eye out for more installments. We highly recommend that you read the manga as well because the words are cool but the artwork makes it ten times better.

Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale Manga

The story opens up to seeing the world on the brink of destruction. They make reference to “the great old ones” who from this upcoming set may be the Promeginitors. Then a girl appears from another world… Alice?… who fights “the Great Old Ones” with her vast array of magical instruments aka REGALIA!!!! to “save” the world. She doesn’t really save the world so much as just defeats the old ones. After the battle the world is left devastated and the remaining people on Earth emigrate to The Castle in Heaven and the Moon aka the second Grimm cluster set.

They then mention the stones you use in the game and how they buried them so that no one could use them to bring war again. All of this is just from the first page of the comic so quite a bit of information there however a lot could be drawn from it. All of this could also be a reference to the Valhalla cluster as well. Fast forward and you meet Prince Grimm who is getting yelled at by Aesop the Prince’s Tutor. You learn that they have dug up the stones that were buried so long ago and that the country is prosperous because of it. However, the stones are drawing out people evil intentions as well. Kaguya 1.0 makes an appearance as a prophet saying that on the night that the moon is stained red, the world will meet with great misfortune.


Key title sequence for first set “The Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale”. Night time comes and Grimm, of course, has his head buried in a book when he looks up and see the moon, blood red. All of a sudden the earth trembles and a giant castle appears and on top of said castle is none other than Dracula. He sends out his vampires to terrorize the town’s folk as a good vampire should, only for one to make it’s way up to Grimm’s castle. Grimm stands looking out into the night next to an open window as Lumia and Aesop bust in and one of the ghouls come in the window.


Grimm then pushes Lumia out of the way to save her and the ghouls grab him. All of a sudden, a book flies open and out of the pages pops Little Red to save the day… or night. Grimm then completely accepts this without question as Little Red explains that Dracula can summon despair from fairy tales and Grimm can summon hope. He then sets off into town to combat the onslaught of Vampires that Dracula is sending to town. It ends with Little Red and Grimm entering the town while Grimm is flipping through the pages of a book ready to summon more Fairy Tales. Grimm has awakened to to be Ruler he was always meant to be.

Read the full manga comic over at the FOWTCG site using the link below:

Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale Comic

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