Will Power System Rewards Revealed

Will Power Rewards have been revealed by Force of Will for the 2015-2016 season. By redeeming points by August 31st, you earn a rank in the mobile app which corresponds with what rewards you can earn. VIP rank gets all of the special promo cards which has been revealed to be Uber Rare versions of the J-Rulers from SKL along with Cosplay version of Dark Alice and Sylvia J-Rulers. Ranks lower than VIP will earn a random number of the promo cards based on their rank.

The points for the Will Power System will reset after August 31st for the 2016-2017 season. Unused points can still be redeemed in the upcoming season. If you qualify for any of the Will Power System Rewards, you will receive a notification to enter your mailing information to get your rewards.

Will Power System Rewards:

  • VIP: All 12 Promo Cards
  • A Rank: 8 Random Promo Cards
  • B Rank: 4 Random Promo Cards
  • C Rank: 2 Random Promo Cards
  • D Rank: Cellphone Wallpaper.

WPR-001-RR-Eng WPR-001-JRR-Eng  WPR-002-RR-Eng WPR-002-JRR-Eng  WPR-003-RR-Eng WPR-003-JRR-Eng  WPR-004-RR-Eng WPR-004-JRR-Eng  WPR-005-RR-Eng WPR-005-JRR-Eng  WPR-006-RR-Eng WPR-006-JRR-Eng  WPR-007-RR-Eng WPR-007-JRR-Eng  WPR-008.9-RR-Eng (2) WPR-008-JRR-Eng WPR-008.9-RR-Eng (2) WPR-009-JRR-Eng

WPR-010-JRR-Eng WPR-010-RR-Eng WPR-011-RR-EngWPR-011-JRR-Eng  WPR-012-RR-EngWPR-012-JRR-Eng