Reflect Refrain Banned from New Frontiers Format

Today, the headline “Reflect Refrain Banned from New Frontiers format” shocked the world of Force of Will! Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Director at Force of Will, made the surprising announcement that impacts the international game. Reflect Refrain is a powerful J-Ruler that has dominated the competitive and local metas due to its versatility and power free abilities. Almost every AGP and NPG this season in the Force of Will tournament scene was won by a deck featuring the J-Ruler. It quickly became the MVP card in FOWTCG as many tournaments featured a showing of RR to the tune of of 50-70% of the field using the J-Ruler.

The ban goes into effect starting September 1st and currently only applies to the New Frontiers format, which is used in local Ruler League tournaments, AGP/NGP official tournaments and the unofficial ARG tournaments. Whether this ban will continue over to the Wanderer League that begins in September remains to be seen.

Ikeda stated that the topic of banning Reflect Refrain has been discussed for several months among the heads at Force of Will. The banning of any card is a big step for trading card games so the decision to do so is not one that is taken lightly. As far as the reason they finally decided to do so, Ikeda explains:

Why we finally reached a decision: While the amount of decks using R/R was high, much of it was because many players felt there was no other option. We want players to feel that they can have fun with all sorts of rulers and decks, especially with how much work we put into the rulers of the Lapis Cluster. Additionally, when creating a new deck we didn’t want a player’s first though to be how to counter R/R.

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Important Notice ~ Reflect/Refrain to be banned in New Frontiers