Legacy Lost Announcement (Lapis Cluster #2)

Legacy Lost the second expansion in the Lapis Cluster was officially announced today. The set will be released December 9th and will feature dual will spells prominently. There will also be 5 new Magic Stones of a new type. Legacy Lost follows Curse of the Frozen Casket in the Lapis cluster and features the following kinds of cards:

  • 5 J/Rulers
  • 5 Basic Magic Stones
  • 5 Special Magic Stones
  • 5 Additions
  • 30 Chants
  • 55 Resonators

As with previous Force of Will sets, Legacy Lost will feature promos for buying one or more boxes. There will be a special promo for each box bought as well as a new Force of Will bag and play mat for every 3 boxes bought at one time.

Legacy Lost first images revealed: