VixenGaming Deck Tech Video: Yggdrasil Six Sages

VixenGaming has another excellent deck tech video this time featuring the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Accompanying the tree are Six Sages and friends. Besides support like Cheshire Cats, Elvish Priests and , this deck has disruption galore between the abilities of the Six Sages and cancel spells like Xeex and Wall of Wind. Keep your opponent off balance and then use Yggdrasil’s replacement effect, if needed, to bring out Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice and Excalibur X to stabilize and take control of the board.

Check out the video below and let VixenGaming know what you thought. Are there any cards you would have like to seen included that she did not mention? Do you have any questions about strategy or match-ups? Comment and let us know!


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