FOWTCG: Top 8 Prizes for AGPs Announced

The Top 8 Prizes for AGPs Announced by Force of Will. The California AGP received the Dark Alice Acrylic cards as Top 8 prize support and Texas was in line to get the same. However in a surprising move today, news dropped on the official Force of Will TCG website that each upcoming Area Grand Prix would be getting a different Ruler as the prize support. The UK AGP top players earned a Valentina, Plotting Lord of the Seas special card but, alas, she does not appear at the USA or Canada AGPs. The winner of the AGP will get a gold version with 2nd and 3rd place getting silver and bronze version, respectively. The rest of the top 8 will get the clear versions of the cards. So, here are the list of rulers that will be handed out at the following Force of Will Area Grand Prix events:

  • Texas AGP – Alice, Fairy Queen
  • Virginia AGP – Faria, the Sacred Queen
  • Hawaii AGP – Arla, the Winged Lord
  • Pennsylvania AGP – Melgis, the Flame King
  • North Carolina AGP – Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales
  • Illinois AGP – Blazer Gill Rabus
  • Florida AGP – Valentina, the Princess of Love
  • Rhode Island AGP – Alice, the Saint of Healing
  • Montreal AGP – Pricia, the Beast Lady
  • Toronto AGP – Rezzard, the Undead Lord