FOWTCG: The Moonlit Savior Wind Spoilers

The Moonlit Savior Wind Spoilers brings us beasts and machines in an alliance against the Overlord.Pricia and Marybell have teamed up to take down Valentina and we have the resonators to prove it. Each of these amazing creatures will find homes quickly in player’s decks. Whether you want to strike fast or hard, they’ve got you covered. Along with them, we have the divine beast Huanglong who brings along Sacred Beasts to the party, a sacred ox and some support cards.

The Moonlit Savior Wind Spoilers include four new resonators, a new spell, and two addition: resonator cards. Wind players get some great combat cards and fans of Void get some solid additions as well (no pun intended… or maybe just a little…).

The new cards revealed in the Moonlit Savior Wind Spoilers were:

  • Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame
  • Marybell, Insane Self-Aware Machine
  • Huanglong, Leader of the Four Sacred Beasts
  • Kujata, Sacred Ox
  • Pricia’s Call to Action
  • Rhythm of Life
  • Magic Screw

To see tall the details on the Moonlit Savior Wind Spoilers, check out the post on the Force of Will website:

The Moonlit Savior ~ Preview Article 10 ~ Nature and Machine, United in Vengeance

The Moonlit Savior Wind Spoilers Images

pricia-exploding-flame marybell-self-aware-machine huanglong-divine-beast kujata-sacred-ox pricias-call-to-action rhythm-as-life magic-screw

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