FOWTCG: The Moonlit Savior Release Information

New information has been posted by the official Force of Will website, FOWTCG, about the upcoming set, The Moonlit Saviour. There are plenty of promos for the launch of the third set of the Alice Cluster which includes a beautiful playmat per 3 boxes, a special promo card per box and even a promo Force of Will branded bag! They also revealed the incredible inserts that come in each box featuring 5 new stunning pieces of card artwork. The release date and card information regarding the number of cards at each rarity was also included in the article and is listed as such:

Release Date: March 11th, 2016

Ruler/JRuler 5 kinds
SR 10 kinds
R 27 kinds
UC 20 kinds
C 38 kinds
Magic stone 5 kinds
Total 105 kinds

For more information and to see the promo items, check out the full article below!

Alice Cluster 3rd Set Booster Pack 「The Moonlit Savior 」

FOWTCG is the official website for the Force of Will trading card game. Force of Will is based in Japan but has expanded to many other countries across the world.