FOWTCG: The Moonlit Savior Preview Spoilers Revealed

The Moonlit Savoir, the upcoming set from Force of Will, is just around the corner and we just got our first look. FOWTCG revealed 8 new cards all focused around an amazing new J/Ruler Card, Kayuga. The wererabbits and moons are back in a big way. Along with the ruler card, there were other huge cards spoiled including regalia, resonator, chant instant, and a special magic stone. This is just the first glimpse into the world of the Moonlit Savior and we are sure more exciting cards are just around the corner.

The new cards revealed were:

  • Friend from Another World, Kaguya / Kaguya, the Moonlit Savior
  • Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo
  • Moonbreeze’s Memoria
  • Kaguya’s Premonition 
  • Shining Strike
  • Moonbreeze Elf
  • Knight of Solstice
  • Wolf in the Moonlight

To see the full article on the first reveal, check out the post on the Force of Will website:

The Moonlit Savior ~ Preview Article 1 ~ In the Name of the Moon

The Moonlit Savior Spoiler Images

AStrangeLightFillsTheRoom TwilightIsShiningThroughTheBarrier ItSeemsYourJourneyIsFinallyOver WhenTheresTroubleYouKnowWhoToCall You...Idiot_ DoubleAxeToTheBack IfItBleedsWeCanKillIt I-dont-know-half-of-you-half-as-well-as-I-should-like-and-I-like-less-than-half-of-you-half-as-well-as-you-deserve. WhatDoYouSayToAKidWhosSeenTooMuch

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