FOWTCG: Moonlit Savior Shion Spoilers Preview

The latest Moonlit Savior Shion Spoilers were previewed last night featuring the traitor of Valentina! Shion, aka the Songtress of Shangri-La aka the Coup d’Etat Mastermind, is on the scene and leading a rebellion against the Overlord of the Seven Lands. The new J/Ruler is not along and has brought along some friends who provide amazing synergy with one of her abilities. The ability to look at the top card anytime you want that Shion provides on both her Ruler and J-Ruler side combined with resonators, regalia and chant cards that interact with the top card of your deck will provide a combo centric approach to deck building. The ability to put the top card into play if it’s a resonator 5 will cost or less upon judgment is another nice aspect of Shion. Her God’s Art is totally aimed at Valentina being able to deal 1400 damage to target J/resonator when activated.

The Moonlit Savior Shion Spoilers included new regalia, a few resonators, a spell chant, and a special magic stone. Water players have a new strategy to brewing their deck that will allow them as much if not more control over what they draw than Reflect / Refrain (post errata, of course).  The reveal of the new Force of Will spoilers has us curious what other cards are coming that play well with Shion’s ability.

The new cards revealed in the Moonlit Savior Shion Spoilers were:

  • Songtress of Shangri-La / Coup d’Etat Mastermind, Shion
  • Heavenly Instrument, Hydromonica
  • Hymnal’s Memoria
  • Shion’s Hymn
  • Muse, Celestial of Music
  • Drill Sergeant
  • Musician of Shangri-La

To see tall the details on the Moonlit Savior Primogenitor Spoilers, check out the post on the Force of Will website:

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The Moonlit Savior Spoiler Images

Songtress of Shangri-LaCoup d’Etat Mastermind, ShionHeavenly Instrument, HydromonicaHymnal’s MemoriaShion’s HymnMuse, Celestial of MusicDrill SergeantMusician of Shangri-La

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