FOWTCG: The Moonlit Savior Yggdrasil Spoilers

Force of Will revealed the Moonlit Savior Yggdrasil Spoilers early on Friday morning (or late Thursday night depending on where you were at) and with them came the final Ruler to be announced! Yggdrasil,the World Tree is a one sided Ruler with no J-Ruler side just like Grimm. The World Tree has not attack or defense and doesn’t do much, because, well, it’s a tree. However, it does one pretty amazing thing. For the first time each game that you would take lethal damage (below zero), Yggdrasil puts your life at 100 and let’s you search for ways to keep your life from hitting 0 again. The ability to search for Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice and her regalia, Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X, provides you with a 1900/1900 wall that protects your life total.

The Moonlit Savior Yggdrasil Spoilers features another new regalia, two resonators, new spells, and a special magic stone. Control players have gotten a green / wind Ruler that will go a great way in slowing down the meta. With resonators set to take a beating from J/Resonators, decks featuring the World Tree will be able to stabilize long enough to bring out the big guns and wreck shop.

The new cards revealed in the Moonlit Savior Yggdrasil Spoilers were:

  • Yggdrasil, the World Tree
  • Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X
  • Yggdrasil’s Memoria
  • Foment of the World Tree
  • Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice
  • Child of the Forest
  • World Tree Protector

To see tall the details on the Moonlit Savior Primogenitor Spoilers, check out the post on the Force of Will website:

The Moonlit Savior ~ Preview Article 5 ~ The Force of Nature

The Moonlit Savior Spoiler Images

yggdrasil-world-tree 12523176_10206538465403846_3616239029219905603_n yggdrasil-memoria foment world tree avatar seven lands alice child of the forest world-tree-protector

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