FOWTCG: The Moonlit Savior Moon Spoilers

the Moonlit Savior Moon Spoilers focused on support cards since all of the Rulers have already been revealed.The first post Rulers spoiler sessions is all about that Moon. Each card in the latest set of spoilers all feature the moon mechanic as a vital part of their abilities. Moon is coming back in a big way with the Primogenitor and Kaguya so it only makes sense that other cards in The Moonlit Savior would get in on the action as well (it is in the name of the set, after all).

The Moonlit Savior Moon Spoilers features five moon inspired resonators, a new spells, and a addition field (moon). The cards revealed were wind and light so would fit perfectly in a Kaguya deck. The resonators have all kinds of tricks like destroying resonators, recovering resonators, stopping activated abilities and more. Be sure to check them out below!

The new cards revealed in the Moonlit Savior Moon Spoilers were:

  • Angel of Wisdom, Cherudim
  • Crescent Moon Magician
  • Holy Moon of Pure Nights
  • Luminescent Bamboo Bullet
  • Lunar Ibis
  • Tsukuyomi Noble

To see tall the details on the Moonlit Savior Moon Spoilers, check out the post on the Force of Will website:

The Moonlit Savior ~ Preview Article 6 ~ Full Moon Wo Sagashite

The Moonlit Savior Moon Spoilers Images

Tsukuyomi Noble Angel of Wisdom, Cherudim Crescent Moon Magician Servant to the Sacred Moon Lunar Ibis Luminescent Bamboo Bullet Holy Moon of Pure Nights

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