FOWTCG: The Moonlit Savior Darkness Spoilers

The Moonlit Savior Darkness Spoilers brought out some resonators who prefer the darker side of lifeand one random light resonator, as a spicy one of, for the reveal. Whether you like to make your opponent discard, destroy resonators, force banish resonators, remove resonators from the game, give negative stats to resonators or make your opponent pay more for normal spells, then there’s a card in these spoiler set for you!

The Moonlit Savior Darkness Spoilers include three new resonators, a new spell, and an addition. Darkness players see some valuable tools added to their deck brews and light players get an expensive, but powerful card.

The new cards revealed in the Moonlit Savior Darkness Spoilers were:

  • Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal
  • Izanami, the Sealed Terror
  • Izanami’s Curse
  • Knight’s Shade
  • Silencing Spell

To see tall the details on the Moonlit Savior Darkness Spoilers, check out the post on the Force of Will website:

The Moonlit Savior ~ Preview Article 7 ~ In Places Deep, Where Sealed Things Sleep

The Moonlit Savior Darkness Spoilers Images

Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal Izanami, the Sealed Terror knights shade Izanami's Curse Silencing Spell

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