FOWTCG: Lapis Cluster Rules Changes

With the arrival of Curse of the Frozen Casket, the Lapis Cluster official arrives on the scene in Force of Will and with it come many rules and card changes to the game we know and love. So, in an effort to address these Lapis Cluster Rules Changes, Tsuyoshi Ikeda, Director at Force of Will, wrote an article explaining the reasoning behind the changes as well as announcing some new aspects to the game.

The first Lapis Cluster rules change that is addressed is the removal of Astral Rulers from the game. Destroyed J-Rulers will now flip back to the Ruler side but can no longer perform judgment. This is different from a J-Ruler who is destroyed but has Imperishable because, in that case, the ruler could perform judgment again.

The second topic discussed is the new Lapis Cluster card changes in regards to the design and why elements were changed. The attack and defense were moved to the side to allow better viewing while in the hand and on the battlefield when rested for attacking or blocking. Other elements such as the text boxes moving were to allow artists to have defined spaces in order to highlight the art and let it become even more visible than before. Examples of the Alice Cluster vs the Lapis Cluster card designs were provided and can be seen below:

DuckDuckBirdie AnEntireAfternoonAtBlitzAndChips

The next couple of topics discussed included:

  • The changing of keywords to clear up the rules process such as Target Attack becoming Precision and the consolidation of Chants & Chant:Instants to just Chants. Also, all types of Additions have simply become Additions without referring to the specific type.
  • The different formats available after Lapis Cluster is released will be New Frontiers (Alice and Lapis Clusters) which will be used for Ruler League Tournaments and Force of Will AGPs and Wanderer league which will included Grimm, Alice and Lapis Clusters. Wanderer League will get a new promo card every three months with the first promo card being a full art version of the Grimm Ruler, seen below:


  • Also, there is new art for the dual stones being printed in Lapis Cluster that was only previously available as promos.

    CFC-086-SMS-Eng CFC-087-SMS-Eng CFC-088-SMS-Eng CFC-089-SMS-Eng CFC-090-SMS-Eng CFC-091-SMS-Eng CFC-092-SMS-Eng CFC-093-SMS-Eng CFC-094-SMS-Eng CFC-095-SMS-Eng

For more details, visit the full article over at the official Force of Will website:

Lapis Cluster Rule Changes, How and Why