Yggdrasil 101: A Control Player’s Perspective

In Yggdrasil 101: A Control Player’s Perspective, Ruben presents an in-depth deck profile into his new Yggdrasil, the World Tree brew. Ruben is to control as the moon is to night so you get insight into the strategy of the control shell with a Ruler that was built for the play style. So, if you are interested in playing control or want to know the mindset of your opponent, dive into Ruben’s article Yggdrasil 101: A Control Player’s Perspective and learn what a control build looks like in the Force of Will meta.

Let’s Get Yggy with it!

By the time you read this article you, may have already been to a few AGP’s, participated in a few LGS tourneys, or have been lucky enough and bought a box or more to get your hands on the new cards. We, as players, have been blessed with new rulers each set and with this article I will dive into our headliner: Yggdrasil. I will give you my perspective on what this ruler meant to me when I saw it. I am a control player at heart and this Ruler called to me to make a deck. Yggrasil buys you extra time. If you would die to lethal with Yggy you get amazing toys that trigger when you use up your “extra life”.

 So with that in mind, I went to work and began working on a control package for the deck. I have played this deck over 20 games and made choices that led to what it is now. I will explain my card choices and why I chose what I did.  Having MTG history with control decks, I know what is most important: counters, removal, card draw, and win conditions. This deck has all of it.

I would also like to give credit to Justin Shropshire from Facebook. He and I have been working on this deck for weeks and we are still working on it.  This deck wouldn’t be where it is at now without him. Thanks Justin!

Deck List

Ruler – Yggdrasil the World Tree


MAIN (41)

Spells (23)

4 Seal of Wind and Light

3 Wind-Secluded Refuge

2 Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X

3 Foment of the World Tree

3 Space-Time Anomaly

1 Glimpse of Kaguya

3 Xeex,the Ancient Magic

2 Keen Sense

2 Realm of Pure Spirits


Resonators (18)

2 Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice

3 Tsukuyomi Noble

2 Muse, Celestial of Music

3 Cheshire Cat,the Grinning Remnant

3 Morgiana,the Wise Servant

2 Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal

1 Pumpkin Witch

1 Valentina, Puppet Monarch

1 Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table

Stones (10)

3 Magic Stone of Gusting Skies

2 Magic Stone of Moon Shade

3 Magic Stone of Deep Wood

2 Magic Stone of Black Silence

Sideboard (15)

2 Final Forfeit

2 Jeweled Branch of Horai

3 Dream of Juliet

2 Marybell, the Steel Doll

2 Portal of Truth

1 Glimpse of Kaguya

2 Barrier of Shadows

1 Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword

Control Package

image01 image13 image12

Seal of Wind and Light – This card is bonkers! A cancel that can’t be chased if you choose to do so is incredibly strong. Countering a turn 2 Lancelot is a huge tempo loss for an aggro player. If you counter an Alice’s World with this it can turn the tide in your favor. Most control decks will find a way to make this card a 4 of. It is so good! This is one of the best cards in the whole set.

Wind Secluded Refuge – The versatility of this card has great synergy with your deck. Turn 1 Morgiana. Turn 2 Refuge and you get to look at three cards and protect it with her replacement effect. Seems solid. This card protects your big beats and the engine that helps you dig through your deck.  Also, this card can cancel a Flame of the Outer World. Yup that’s right!

Keen Sense – This card has been slightly underrated before TMS. Now with new standbys being out there and Kaguya 1.0 builds on the horizon, this card is more effective than ever. Very few decks run zero standbys currently in the main or side so this card will never be dead.

Xeex, the Ancient Magic – This spell may be one of the most versatile spells in the game currently. The ability to counter a summon spell is huge, the ability to give your guy untargetable can win you the game, pumping up your team for the last points of damage can be crucial, and to shuffle your graveyard back into the stone deck and main deck can reload your spells is extremely efficient.  You can cancel an incarnated Adombrali, a pesky Lucifer, or even a Izanagi. Never a bad card to have in your hand early, mid, or late game.

Card Draw Synergy

image04 image00 image06

Foment of the World Tree – This card is another one of the best cards in this set. The ability to dig deeper in your deck and gain life for your trouble is freaking awesome! Think about this scenario for a second. You have Morgiana out on the field, four cards in hand, and you cast Foment. You choose 3 cards to put on the bottom. You get to draw 3+1 cards and gain 800 life. But wait! You replace that effect. For every card you use with her effect, you look at 3 cards. Let’s do the math: 3+3+3+3=12 cards you can look at and then you can stack your deck. BONKERS! Foment is a control player’s reset button for their hand.

Muse, Celestial of Music – This resonator has so many cool synergies with this deck but one that caters to card draw is if you know what your top card is, you get a free card. If you use Cheshire or Morgiana you will know just that. Thank you Muse!

Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant – When people think of Force of Will, this card is probably one of the first cards that comes to mind. In this deck, it’s all about card draw. Combo this with Morgiana, card advantage is on your side. It is a chump blocker and could swing with Xeex pumping up the board. And if it dies, you can reshuffle it in your deck to get it again. Value.

Morgiana, the Wise Servant – This resonator may not look like much, but if you can keep this card safe, she will give you so much value. For every card you draw, you can look at three and pick one. Rinse and Repeat. Cast Foment of the World Tree and Morgiana gets broken. One of the most important things to do in a control deck is see more cards than your opponent. She helps with this immensely.

Removal and Utility

image03 image11 image08

Glimpse of KaguyaEveryone and their mama will be playing activated abilities in the new meta. This helps out in so many ways with that and shuts down God’s Art. Have you ever seen the face of a Dark Alice player that gets Glimpsed? Or Gill Lapis? Not a pretty sight. Oh and guess what, you get to draw a card. Very good card.

Valentina, Puppet Master You may not be able to kill everything due to protection effects or you don’t have a kill spell. If you cannot kill it, just take it instead! Taking an opponent’s wincon can be devastating especially if you can protect Valentina. An 800/800 is nothing to sneeze at either.  This resonator can swing the game in your favor unexpectedly.

Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur XFirst of all, this is such a cool card name. That scores points there, but what it does makes this card fantastic in this deck. The Blade protects YOU from targeted spells or abilities from your opponent. You cannot be hit with Thunder, Purifying Fire, or any other targeting spells. If that wasn’t enough, your Avatar gets +400/+400 if this is out and it costs 2 extra will to target your Alice Avatar.

Space-Time AnomalyThis card is extremely effective against opponents J/Resonators. With Remnant, you can use this more than once! I have killed a few J-Rulers with this bad boy. It is amazing as a combat trick and it helps you also draw cards. It can change the way a combat is resolved and shift the balance in your favor.  If Morgiana is out, you have more value.

Realm of Pure Spirits – This card helps protect your pieces from spot removal. Realm gives you time to set up the winning play. Nothing is more frustrating for your opponent when they can’t target your Muse or your Noble with their spells. Getting this card out before you drop Izanagi or Avatar will increase your winning percentage. Love this card.

Tsukuyomi Noble – In a meta in which Lancelot runs supreme, this can minimize the bleeding. Trust me, you will face resonators with activated abilities such as Guinevere, Elvish Priest, and more. If you awaken this card, you can target a non-Moon addition and make the Noble stronger. It never hurts to have a 700/900 resonator on the field.

Win Conditions

image14 image09 image10

This may be pretty straightforward part of this deck. You have a few amazing win conditions in your deck. You win by having the biggest, baddest resonators on the field. Once you drop down a Izanagi or Yggdrasil is triggered, the clock begins. An opponent staring down a 2000/2000 Izanagi or 2300/2300 Avatar with two Excalibur Xs out is nothing to sneeze at. It is not too often your opponent will be at 4000 life and if so, this deck can win OTK style. You can target attack your way through if needed but more than likely you will clear the board with Izanagi. If not, you have Muse and Noble to help out. Or… You drop the spicy one of Pumpkin Witch. Then you just fly over for the win. This strategy works quite a bit. It is a checkmate play against your opponent. If you have the Puppet out, you may have already snagged their best resonator. This also expedites the process.

Sideboard Decisions

Final Forfeit – This is primarily for the mirror against other Avatars or against any J-Ruler that would be hard to deal with. Shutting  down a  J/Resonator at instant speed is always advantageous. It is cheap for one wind will so you can do this during your draw phase to ensure you can win.

Jeweled Branch of Horai  This is for the matchup against red/darkness decks. This helps shut down aggro red based decks and taking care of darkness resonators like Lucifer and Mephistopheles. This addition could make or break your matchup.

Dream of Juliet  There will come a time in a match-up in which you will need to destroy an addition, try to draw a card you need, or possibly blink your Izanagi. This card helps with those moon additions, Refuges, and anything else preventing your success.

Marybell, the Steel Doll Pesky regalia will be out all over the place. This also helps destroy Excalibur X in the mirror. It can be used to stop Orbs in RR decks. And in a pinch could be a resonator.

Portal of Truth – This standby can be cast at instant speed in your deck since you run wind. This card can shut down Lancelot, Arthur, Athena, and any other resonators that change their atk/def. Very good card against those types of cards.

Glimpse of Kaguya  If you ever play against a Gill Lapis or Dark Alice deck, you will want this card in your next game. This shuts down their God’s Art ability and draws you a card. Most times this will end the game there. It can also be used against Reflect/Refrain or a resonator like Arthur to stop it’s ability to buy you some time.

Barrier of Shadows This addition slows down regalia based decks as well as rulers who like to flip early. It can also slow down their God’s Art. This card can come in handy. If you are playing darkness, this should be in your 55.

Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword – If a deck is playing Sylvia or Dragons, this card can swing a game over quite quickly. The meta decks have Gwiber in them and some are playing Sylvia, so Susano seems like a good fit with a spicy one of. In a deck in which you can draw many cards, you should see this card when you need it.

Please leave any comments on this deck, what you would play and why, and any constructive feedback. I am always looking to improve. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you at the tables!

ruben-sanchezRuben Sanchez has been playing Force of Will since early 2015. He comes from a Magic: The Gathering  background of over 20 years. He plays FoW competitively any chance he gets. He has a top 10 finish in the State Championships in his home state of Virginia. His true passion is teaching new players the game. His main goal is to get FoW cards in every man, woman, and child’s hands. He also is a vocal leader in the community for players and LGS. He aspires to be a Judge one day and is tirelessly learning the rules so he can help others. Ruben can be heard on the The Imperishable Podcast alongside George and Justin.