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Background: Do you hate running those clunky resonators?; well do I have a treat for you, but first off let me just start by saying, if you are looking for a decklist to bring to your next ARG event or National Championship, don’t leave just yet.  I have been playing Force of Will for awhile now, and through my mistakes, victories and good times, I present to you, Vlad.  The reason behind me playing Vlad, was due to me being very fed up with people always having some sort of answer to the resonators I would play, or me spending six will on a 1200/1200, then it getting banished through a two drop spell.  I saw plenty of Vlad deck lists online, and well, they looked complicated and scary; so I made my own, and I am quite proud of the results. Listen, here are the steps you need to take to start multiplying your entry fee at your weekly tournament.

Step 1, Learn the Meta

You see, this is a huge step to becoming a better playing at any game ever.  Vlad requires you to know exactly what you need to ship to the bottom at the beginning of every game and what cards you can let hit the field, and what cards you need to smack across the face with a spell.

Step 2, Sit Tight

With Lancelot being a such a big aggro card, and everyone wanting to win this game ridiculously fast, you yourself might want to do the same; but rest assure, it is okay to take damage sometimes.

Step 3, Have Fun

This deck is decent, but I promise you, the more you goof around while playing and enjoy doing what you are doing, the more you will get the amazing top decks you need in those desperate times. Don’t ask me how it works, it just does!


Vari’s Vlad List

Ruler: Vlad Tepes

Resonators – 0 (yea, you read that right)

Spells – 40

4 – Thunder
4 – Demonflame
4 – Flame of the Outer World
4 – Artemis, the God’s Bow
4 – Xeex the Ancient Magic
4 – Barrier of Shadows
3 – Law of Silence
3 – Stoning to Death
3 – Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
2 – Keen Sense
2 – Sign of the Future
1 – Soulhunt
1 – The Scorn of Dark Alice
1 – Necronomicon

Stones – 12

4 – Magic Stone of Blasting Waves
4 – Magics Stone of Scorched Bales
4 – Magic Stone of Black Silence

Sideboard – 15

2 – Marybell, the Steel Doll
2 – Elvis Bowman
2 – Robe of Fire Rat
2 – Crime and Punishment
2 – Burn to Cinders
2 – Keen Sense
2 – Realm of Dragon King
1 – Stoning to Death


Alright… Well I know you have a lot of questions, I am going to talk about every single card… in order. So here we go.

Thunder – This is a staple in a lot of decks, this card is so versatile and useful to take down J-Rulers and big/small Resonators. Keep all of these you start with in your hand.

Demonflame – Where do I start? How would you feel about a 20 drop, 3000/3000 hitting the field swinging into your opponent’s face for the game, then he flicks his bow and drops a 1 drop fire spell to destroy the resonator. Demonflame + Bow = Salt. Keep these in your opening hand.

Flame of the Outer World – This card will win you a lot of games. For decks that run agro J-Rulers, you can hit them with a Thunder and a Flames to get rid of most of those pesky win condition rulers (that card can’t be chased meaning they can’t gain imperishable if you play it right). This card is outright amazing, if your opponent knows you play this card, hit them with a thunder, and watch as they respond to that thunder by giving their J-Ruler imperishable when you get to keep your Flames right in hand or respond with a Cinders. Keep these in your hand at the beginning.


Artemis, the God’s Bow – “Free Pressure” is what I call this card. You can pair this with so many cards you play, and make your opponent try to bait you out by using your bows just so they can sleep at night knowing you can’t use a Demonflame that turn. If your opponent has to play around your bow, it’s a win – win.  Keep as many as you like at the beginning (Up to 2).

Xeex the Ancient Magic – This two drop is ridiculous. If you counter a huge hitting resonator with this card, they don’t have many options to counter this card because, well, um… IT DOESN’T HIT THE FIELD. Keep one of these at the beginning.

Barrier of Shadows – This card broke the Regalia aggro deck and made life easier for people trying to counter it. This card slows down control decks and hard flipping decks, almost always to the point where your opponent forgets it’s there. This can cause them to start an amazing combo with their ruler, then in the middle of it, face palm because they forgot they don’t have enough stones for it. Keep 1 of these if you can.

Barrier of Shadows

Law of Silence – The key to Vlad is to stall the game until it gets to the point where your opponent can’t play anything while you’re healing and hitting them for a ridiculous amount.  Law of Silence will buy you another turn or force your opponent to J-Activate into your hand of ruler destroying spells.  I recommend throwing all of these to the bottom, unless you draw 2, keep 1. Use this card when you are lethal the next turn, or the previous turn you cleared your opponent’s field, this will buy you an extra turn for draw power and stone power.

Stoning to Death – Kill shit on their field they paid 6 stones for, using only 2 of your stones. Simple.

Deathscythe – Fast ruler’s hurt Vlad, this card makes a fast ruler slower and also will scare them into flipping if a big win condition of theirs is the ruler.

Keen Sense – Better than Cake Zone due to the chant stand-by, we can cancel a lot of fast plays or Split Heaven and Earth with this card. Overall, an amazing tech that can slow your opponent down. Throw these to the bottom unless you know you know you will need them against your match-up.

Keen Sense

Sign of the Future – Most of the time, people know what card this is when you play it down. It will slow down a lot of Agro Knights decks and decks that run Gwiber. If they do know how to play around it, hey, they still had to play around it.

Soulhunt – Immediately send this card to the bottom of your deck if you draw it, but why I run this card in this deck is due to the amazing plays it has brought me. Being able to take away a huge resonator your opponent threw at you that turn that you had no answer to… for a one cost can save you some stones and also make your opponent really salty. This card is mostly in here to counter that turn 2 Adombrali.


The Scorn of Dark Alice – If your opponent is playing R/R, then take this card out during siding, but I love to start with this card. It lets me know exactly what is coming and also could even buy you another turn to set up.

Necronomicon – A lot of time, you get burnt of of cards running a Vlad deck with know draw power. This card is super risky but can be a huge win condition if your opponent is a heavy hitter.

Sideboard (I’ll keep it quick)

Marybell, the Steel Doll – This card counter’s a lot of decks and can be nice against those R/R counter farming decks. This card can also be a nice tech for a lot of expensive regalia or Dark Alice’s regalia.

Elvis Bowman – When Realm of Pure Spirits and Barrier of Shadows can be a thing, cancel them. I KNOW. I KNOW. A RESONATOR. I prefer this over Dream of Juliet because of our stone line. Sorry for the two resonators but it can be useful.


Robe of Fire Rat – In a lot of Aggro decks that run Lance, this card can be just Jesus.

Crime and Punishment – In a time where you have no answers to those fast rulers, this card can come and handy, especially with a Deathscythe.

Burn to Cinders – This card is amazing, it can stack onto a lot of things to destroy a lot of rulers.


Realm of Dragon King – Against a deck that has a midrange aggro type of feel with small resonators becoming big, you can make them burn a lot of things in order to keep them on the field.

Stoning to Death – Just in case you need it. 🙂

Final Tips

Remember, I can’t sit here and tell you exactly what you need to do at the exact moment. Send to the bottom exactly what you feel like you should have, this deck is very flexible to the meta changes to don’t be afraid to move around some of the stuff to your liking.  Remember, the more salty your opponent is, the more likely they are to make a mistake against you, so keep your composure.

No Resonators in main? No Problem!

-Thank You for Reading

Questions/Deck Help:

See you with my next Meta-Destroying Deck


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  • February 14, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    I mean if it plays well for you then by all means, dont mind me. However I personally feel this deck is a bit awkward with the 2 1 of 1 drops and all the mainboard situational tech with the Deathsycthe and 4 of barriers. I do like that your playing realm tho, good choice considering the absence of resonators.

    • February 14, 2016 at 10:25 pm

      The deck is very flexible. The 4 barrier and deathsythe is to stop the fast j ruler decks that it is very weak to until at least 6 stones! -Vari

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