FOCTCG US: R/R Incarnation By Royce Townsend

Over on the FOWTCG US website, Royce Townsend explains his R/R Incarnation deck that went undefeated in a 48 person ARG event. He goes through his deck and discusses the logic behind his card choices and the approach to deck building. Royce also give you round by round recaps of his games during the ARG Holiday tournament.

His deck list was as follows:

Ruler: Reflect, Child of potential

Deck: 40
4 Rasputin
4 Rukh Egg
4 Hastur, the Unspeakable
4 Nyarlathotep
4 Artemis, the God’s Bow
3 Change the World, Orb of Illusion
3 Yog-Sothoth, the Dark Myth
3 Lora, the Blood Speaker
3 Little Red, the Hope of Millenia
2 Granny by the Fireplace
2 Stoning to Death
2 Guinevere, the Jealous Queen
1 Carmilla, the Queen of Vampires
1 Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword

Stone deck: 10
4 Ruler’s Memoria
4 Magic Stone of Scorched Bales
1 Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone
1 Little Red, the Pure Stone

Side deck: 15
3 Flame of outer world
2 Thunder
2 Realm of Pure Spirits
2 Robe of Fire-Rat
2 Deathscythe, the Life Reaper
2 Barrier of Shadows
1 Dark Pulse
1 Blazer Gill Rabus

Go over to the Force of Will US site to read the full article and get the scoop on this championship deck:

FOWTCG US is the official US website for Force of Will TCG.