Deck Submissions 101: Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales


Thank you for joining me in my inaugural article that is centered around user submitted decks. On The Imperishable Podcast, we asked listeners to submit any decks they would like to see played and I will test it at my LGS. Our first deck was sent in by Nathan Miller. You can find his deck list down below.  Once I received his deck list I was both intrigued and excited. I love playing decks that think outside the box. I have played the ruler of choice once or twice, but nothing like this. I built the deck the day of our LGS tournament and hoped for the best. Needless to say, it did quite well. Keep reading and you will see why.

Nathan Miller’s Blondes Have More Fun


Alice, Valkyrie of Fairy Tales


2x Alice’s Little Scout

2x Arthur, the Dead Lord of Vengeance

4x Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant

4x Dark Alice’s Shadow Warrior

4x Dark Faria, Shadow Princess of Ebony

2x Hera, Goddess of Jealousy

2x Snow White, Valkyrie of Passion

1X Valentina’s Zealot


2x Barrier of Shadows


3x Artemis, The God’s Bow

4x Deep Blue, the Phantom Board

4X Laevatein, the Demon Sword


2x Flame of Outer World

1x Glimpse of Kaguya

3x Soul Hunt


4x Ruler’s Memoria

4x Magic Stone of Dark Depth

1x Little Red, the Pure Stone

1x Grusbalesta, the Sealing Stone


Alice, the Drifter in the World

Alice, the Saint of Healing

2x Alice, The Guardian of Dimensions

1x Artemis, the God’s Bow

2x Deathscythe, the Life Reaper

2x Dream of Juliet

1x Flame of Outer World

1x Gleipnir, the Red Binding Fate

1X Hera, Goddess of Jealousy

2x Susanowo, The Ten-Fist Sword

1x Valentina’s Zealot

Round 1

Blondes Have More Fun vs. Little Red’s Wererabbits

In this introductory round, I thought I knew what my opponent would be playing.  He and I  were playing a normal game before the event started just to kill some time. My deck did really well against it so I was confident that my match up would be the same.

I was wrong.

The dice roll didn’t help me either. I rolled a 3. Seriously? When we resolved our mulligans and I saw Little Red, the True Fairy Tale, I knew that I was about to get into something that I was not expecting. Game 1 taught me that real quick. Let me first say this to my readers, “Read your opponent’s cards if you don’t know what they do.” I saw an Oracle of Tsukuyomi on the board and I just saw a 200/200 Wererabbit. Aw, that’s cute. Then I banished it with Soulhunt and I got rewarded with a 900/900 as my prize on Turn 1.

Pale_Moon Oracle_of_Tsukuyomi Swordsman_of_the_Full_Moon

Game 1 did not go well for me.

I wasn’t used to the combinations of the Wererabbits, Pale Moon, and the synergy of the Wererabbit engine. My hand was ill-equipped to handle a big resonator like that. My opponent pummeled me once he flipped to Little Red. I think I lost by Turn 5. I think the final damage with a flying Wererabbit was 2800 on the fatal blow.  I was a bit nervous after this loss. Will I go out so quickly to a bunch of warm, fuzzy rabbits? Not on my watch!

Game 2 I sided in two Alice, the Guardian of Dimensions, the extra Flame of the Outer World, and two Dream of Juliet. I knew that I had to destroy the Pale Moon and kill any Wererabbits early and often. Those plays seemed to work really well. He could not get anything going because I used Bows to stall him, Flame to kill his resonators, and Dark Faria to destroy my biggest threat. The life gain with Faria and her pumps to my other Shadow resonators made quick work in this game. I won game 2 confidently.

Game 3 played a lot like Game 2. I did everything in my power to get early interaction. I aggressively mulliganed for removal and bows. A well-timed Snow White helped clear his board and paved my way to victory. After some dual Dark Farias on the board and the life gain, I took it down. I learned a very valuable lesson here: Read cards.


Round 2

Blondes Have More Fun vs. A Glimpse of Dark Alice

Dark-Alice-Ruler Dark-Alice-J-Ruler Barrier_of_Shadows

For those that have never played against a Dark Alice deck, this deck is brutal against your hand and lethal to your resonators. My opponent loves Dark Alice so much, he purchased the store’s Uber to have in his collection.  This round was a war of attrition. My opponent was on the play. Again! I rolled another 3. Ugh.

Game 1 lasted about 40 minutes. The early interaction in the first four to five turns killed my board state and stripped my graveyard. I did not see too many resonators from my opponent until late game. He dropped a Dark Arthur and later a Mephistopheles. Since I had a few Soulhunts during those turns, they were not an issue. I did get to flip my Ruler just to see it die to double Flame of the Outer World. That was thrilling.

mephistopheles Glimpse_of_Kaguya Recollection_of_Dystopia

I would get my revenge soon enough.

I believe on turn 4 or 5 I drew a Glimpse of Kaguya. I was just holding onto it. Just waiting for that time to arrive. I was not worried about counterspells since his stone base was unable to cast them. Late into the game he went all in. He flipped Dark Alice and activated her God’s Art. I took this opportunity to shut it down. He was heartbroken. In response, I drew a card. My opponent is a good guy and we laughed about it after the round but I knew it stung. From there I just slowly began to chip at his life with my Shadows and Soldiers to win Game 1.

Game 2 moved quicker even though we had less time. I kept hand disruption in my opening hand and put out as many resonators as I could. I knew that his win con was Dark Alice and 4 drops. On one turn he dropped a Mephistopheles. I looked at my hand and saw no answers. This was not looking good. I kid you not, but the next turn I drew a Soulhunt. Whew! I got rid of it and saw the clock ticking. The next turn he cast Recollection of Dystopia to take care of my resonator and make his God’s Art cheaper. I had a Barrier of Shadows out so it still cost 1 to activate. I drew another Glimpse by this time and I cast it. We laughed at the same time. The game went to time and we wished each other luck in the final two rounds. That match was fun but exhausting.


Round 3

Blondes Have More Fun vs. RR Knights

This matchup pitted me against George. He was also 2-0 and was looking to make me his next victim.

This round did not go as he had planned.

Game 1 he started with three Change the World, Orb of Illusion on Turn 1. Some may think this is real good but not for this game. He could not draw into anything and I took advantage of it.

Reflect__Child_of_Potential change-the-world

I went into Valentina 2.0 mode and got a plethora of regalia out to start swinging. With early board state control, it only took a few turns for me to do lethal damage.

Every time he could put out  a resonator, I was destroying it with Flame of Outerworld, Dark Faria, or Soulhunt. It didn’t help that he was dealing with a Ruler beatstick each turn and it was hard to come back from that.

flame-outer-world Soulhunt dark-faria

Game 2 went very similar to Game 1. It was unfortunate for him because everything he did I had an answer for. He got Change the World Orbs out but couldn’t get anything started. His deck was crushing others until this round. I was swinging with Dark Faria’s , Hera’s and Snow White’s until it was lethal.  I wished him luck in the rest of the tournament and got ready for the last round.


Round 4

Blondes Have More Fun vs. Jeanne d’Arc Blast

In the final round of the tournament I got to play my other buddy Justin. He and I have had a few conversations about how we play when we face each other. I tend to be pretty serious when playing and I focus on everything and he is more laid back. My whole purpose this event was to just have fun and not sweat the small stuff.

I don’t think he was ready for my laid back demeanor.

Nameless_Girl jeanne-d-arc-jruler Hunter_in_Black_Forest the-living-flame

This was the finals. He wanted the play mat very much and I wanted it just as badly. It was all about LGS Cred at this point. We tend to always go to our max games when playing. This was no exception.

Game 1 I was on the play. I have seen his deck perform very well against other players and I needed to brace myself. I kept a hand of early removal, hand disruption, and a Hera. On the first turn I cast Barrier of Shadows. He had a great turn 1. He played Hunter, Laevateinn, and two Cthugha. SInce getting a Human in the graveyard with Cthuga was done, he could Judgement that turn. He swung for 1200  extra which crippled me.  By turn 2, I was down to 1500 life. This was not looking good for me even though he did go all out and had no cards left. I dropped a Cheshire and a Dark Alice Soldier to get some blockers in the way while getting me some cards. He couldn’t get through my defenses and used all of his resources to go All-IN. I ended up winning this game by bringing out more resonators and flipping my Ruler to deal lethal damage. Dark Faria helped with life gain. Keep in mind, this whole time I am just laughing and kidding around. He was playing like me and being serious. It was kind of funny to see the difference.

Game 2 was brutal. He was on the play and flipped turn 2. I could not handle a God Draw with 2 Laevateinns, hunter, and 2 Cthugha. He flipped Turn 1 and it hurt. My mulligan wasn’t terrible but not  great either. I did side in a couple extra Barrier of Shadows and Deathscythe to stop the aggression but I felt that my sideboard wasn’t equipped for a Blast variant.

Barrier_of_Shadows deathscythe Hera_Goddess_of_Jealousy

There was not much I can do in this game even though I had an opening hand of Deathscythe, Hera, and Barrier of Shadows. I lasted until turn 3 and that was just him being nice. He admitted to a misplay and I thanked him for it so I could live another turn. Game 2 lasted about 5 minutes.

Game 3 I was on the play. I knew that I had to have something amazing in my opening hand to counter the speed and destruction that Justin’s deck could cause. I sided into Alice, Saint of Healing for this matchup and he sided in Bahamut. I needed a big butt to take the damage from a flipped ruler with regalia. I played a Deathscythe and  Barrier turn 1 then passed. He played a Rukh egg, Laevateinn, two cthugha and passed. I took the damage. He was down to two cards. On turn 2 I played a Cheshire, Laevateinn and soulhunt. He banished his Cthugha and discarded a Snow White, the Valkyrie of Passion. He now had one card. I passed. He drew a card and cast a Flame Sprite. He attacked and then passed. This turn 3 was critical. I was really wondering what he was holding onto. I had a feeling it was a Thunder or Split Heaven and Earth. I knew that I needed more stones to compete with him. I also knew that the more stones I would call for would make Split more destructive. I drew an Artemis Bow and I played it that turn. I also played a Dark Faria. The life gain potential is the bane of any aggro deck.  I passed. On his turn he flipped Bahamut and swung into me. I took the damage because I had no choice and I wanted to kill his ruler the turn after. He then cast Split.  I took 1200 damage.  Cast another Flame Sprite and swung at me. This put me at 1200 life and I knew that this was my stand.

Split_Heaven_and_EarthFlame_Sprite Split_Heaven_and_Earth

On turn 4  I activated my two regalia to give my ruler a blanket effect of buffs. Then on my draw phase I drew a Laevateinn. I played it on my main and swung into Bahamut. He blocked with Flame Sprite but I blew it up with the bow. He had one card in his hand and I didn’t want it to be another Split. I could not take the damage. I gained 500 life from Dark Faria and then she died. I am out of Split range. Whew! I judged and flipped Alice over to reveal a 400/1500 ruler with a total power of 800 currently. I swung into Bahamut and it was destroyed. I felt relieved but I knew I had to find out what the other card was. I cast Soulhunt. He solemnly discarded his last card. IT WAS ANOTHER SPLIT!!!! I was so close to dying to that card again. Thankfully, tonight, it was not to be.

After a few turns I swung for lethal. He could not do anything but extend his hand. It was an amazing match to finish the tournament.


Closing Thoughts

Once I got this deck submission I was excited to play this. I didn’t know I was going to use this for the event but I thought to myself, why not. The deck list was fun and interactive and it was something different and unlike what I normally play. I just didn’t want to go 0-4 in the tournament. Needless to say, it took my local meta by surprise and I swung into victory. If I could make any changes to the deck I would adjust a few cards out. The overall shell of this deck was superb and it wouldn’t need too much tweaking. Based on my opinion here are the changes I would make and why:


-1 Valentina’s Zealot-It rarely did anything for me when playing in the matches. Laevateinn did most of the protection when it was needed. My ruler died twice but I was either ahead or just lost.

-1 Dark Alice Soldier- it was nice to see from time to time with Dark Faria out but in the late game it was just 500/500 and could make another resonator weaker. I wanted more removal.

-1 Laevateinn- I didn’t want too many of these in my opening hand or mid to late game. I felt with the Cheshire Cats and Alice’s Soldier I wouldn’t have a problem getting one if needed.

-1 Soulhunt- I wasn’t too thrilled in discarding a card from my hand too often. Lowering this down by one will make it more impactful mid to late game.

+3 Scorn of Dark Alice-If you can see what your opponent has in their hand, this knowledge is powerful. You can stop a Gwiber from getting out early, stopping possible ramp, or even putting Lancelot in the graveyard. This spell is important since most decks are built around resonators.

+1 Flame of the Outer World-Having this card in your opening hand is a safety net. I love this removal and it can’t be chased. A great way to finish a big J/Resonator.


-1 Alice the Drifter in the World-I never used this ruler. I didn’t think it would match up well against other decks.

-1 Valentina’s Zealot-  Same reason as above.

-1 Gleipnir-This regalia is cute but if you are swinging with your ruler in this deck, you want damage output.

-1 Susanowo- I understand that you will face Gwiber decks or some sort of dragon. Most times if an opponent sees you playing red, they may side out and this card will be dead in your hand.

-1 Flame of the Outer World– Added a one of to the main.

+2 Robe of the Fire Rat– This shuts down red decks that focus on their resonators. This is so good.

+1 Barrier of Shadows-Regalia is abundant and God’s Art is being used frequently. This will help slow them down especially Valentina 2.0

+2 Flame King’s Shout-This deck has no real answer to a swarm of resonators. This will help balance the field some. If lucky, you can combo this with a Snow White and wreck the board.

And there you have it!

Please leave any comments, questions, or suggest anything that you might have done differently in our comments section.

I want to especially thank Nathan Miller for sending this deck in and allowing me to play it. I hope to see more decks in the future sent in and allowing me the honor to play them. Take a look below at the winnings for the event. I added a Full Art Deep Wood and 10 packs of TTW as well as the Valentine’s Day playmat to my collection. Thanks again for reading my recap and I’ll see you at the tables!


ruben-sanchezRuben Sanchez has been playing Force of Will since early 2015. He comes from a Magic: The Gathering  background of over 20 years. He plays FoW competitively any chance he gets. He has a top 10 finish in the State Championships in his home state of Virginia. His true passion is teaching new players the game. His main goal is to get FoW cards in every man, woman, and child’s hands. He also is a vocal leader in the community for players and LGS. He aspires to be a Judge one day and is tirelessly learning the rules so he can help others. Ruben can be heard on the The Imperishable Podcast alongside George and Justin.

5 thoughts on “Deck Submissions 101: Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales

  • February 29, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    After reading the article I through this together and played it against my valentina 2- Did a pretty good job of playing against it, not a 100% matchup by any means, but definitely in my favor(when I can draw atleast one barrier)- Will have to see how it does against my Alice’s World and R/R Knights.

    Speaking of which I will be trying out both Cinderella Ashen maiden and Flame King Shout to see which I like better- in theory Cinderella should be better, but I’ll see.

    Another thought I had was would Blessed Holy Wolf be better than dream? Dream offers some options such as being able to hold two mana open and decide to cast that or flame/deep blue at end of turn- not to mention the counter removal potential- but usually you just sideboard that card in to get rid of barriers (atleast in my mind) with that Blessed Holy Wolf should be better value.

    Definitely a cool deck though, thanks for the write up!

    • March 1, 2016 at 10:28 am

      I was actually thinking of putting Cinderella into the deck since I can search up fodder with deep blue not to mention Chesires that replace themselves. And the main reason I liked dream was i could attack with my ruler, they block and then I use it to get through my damage for the cases im going for game, but I do think Wolf certainly has its advantages as well.So I think I will try wolf, and ya i do like Cinderella over fks in this deck so ill likely add those in to the sideboard here soon.

  • February 28, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    I really would like to see the Jeanne list you played in round 4.

    • February 29, 2016 at 8:05 pm

      Sounds a lot like a turbo red bahamut list just with Jeanne instead of bahamut- which can have the double laevateinn hunter opener which allows you to go off turn 1 for 15+ Damage- having a J/ruler down right on turn 1 is pretty scary to any deck not running cats.

  • February 27, 2016 at 10:48 am

    Very interesting deck list and report. Had a nice time reading and will definitely try out this deck for myself haha. Btw, would we also see the deck list that uses J’eanne D’arc?

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