David Nikolaus: Reflect/Refrain Fairies Deck Tech

I’m David Nikolaus. I’ve been part of the community since MPR’s release and have been judging since Rhode Island last year. Last weekend, I got to actually play in my first AGP in Kissimmee. On the very long drive, I was planning on playing a Necrolance deck, but a certain Miles brother told me to be better at the game. So, I decided last second that I’d play fairies instead. It seems to have been a good choice, since I ended up 35th in the AGP, and 8th in the ARG Circuit Series event the following day.

Reflect/Refrain Fairies Deck

Ruler: Reflect, Child of Potential



4 Change the World, Orb of Illusion
2 Interdimensional Vessal, Apollo
2 Laevateinn, The Demon Sword

4 Protection of the Fairies

4 Wind Sprite
4 Flame Sprite
4  Escort of the Fairy King
4 Water Sprite
4 Light Sprite
2 Black Moon Fairy
2 Titania, Prideful Queen
4 Viviane, Lady of the Lake

Stone Deck:

4 Fairy’s Memoria
4 Ruler’s Memoria
2 First Flight’s Memoria

Side Board:

1 Black Moonbeam
2 Down The Drain
2 Circle of Trust // 2 Separation of Body and Soul
2 Fairy of Sacred Vision
2 Seal of Wind and Light
2 Wind-Secluded Refuge
2 Interdemensional Escape
2 Song of the Fairy King

So first note, before I actually go into detail about the cards, the Circle of Trusts were in side for the AGP, and afterwards I realized they were complete garbage, and I had no way of stopping an Arthur without throwing my board into him. Anyways…


Change the World: The real reason this card is in the deck, is to refuel once you’ve played your hand out. Drawing cards in aggro decks is pretty important.

Apollo: The only real use of this card is that it lets you bounce and replay your Flame Sprites for extra Viviane damage for your board. It’s also the only way to awaken your Seals out of side, which can be very relevant.

Laevateinn: It’s a sword. It really just lets you search Viv and cast her for game.

Protection: Hard to describe why this card needs to be here, but It does.  Like, it lets your Viviane’s take an extra hit when they go to kill her, but you actually have to plan what damage will actually be enough. It’s a lot of awkward math, that I’m not particularly good with describing.


Viviane: She’s your win condition. If you don’t have Viv’s, you’re not very likely to win. Her buff gets very big, very quickly, and your littlle guys just casually swing for 1000 each.

Wind Sprite: Is a mana dork. Lets you play Viviane turn 2 which is just crazy.

Flame Sprite: It is just a monster. It gets the Viviane buff, and immediately punches them in the face with it. My favorite thing is to have Viv out, Play Flame Sprite, attack with it. Bounce it, swing again, then go in with the whole board again.

Escort: In my opinion, it’s the card that lets this deck be playable again. The fact that if my opponent targets my Viviane I can just tap her to put him into the field and save her. Plus, he’s a pretty solid blocker that flies.

Water/Light Sprite and Black Moon Fairy: Mostly only there to make Viviane do the thing. Though, Black Moon Fairy has the added bonus of getting back a dead Vivianne.

Titania: Even though I’d usually feel afraid to rest my own board just to play her, any time I actually did it I never felt like it was a bad choice. The static boost always mattered, and apparently a 1200/1200 is hard to deal with. Who knew.

Black MoonbeamDown the DrainSeparation of Body and Soul

Black Moonbeam: This is here because it can remove a pesky Wind-Secluded Refuge from the board. Thing to note, you don’t really have to side this card in, because the existence of this card is scary enough to make everyone play around it and just be afraid that I have it.

Down the Drain: My current favorite sideboard card in general. It kills literally anything that I’m afraid of. Got a Lancelot ready to trigger? A Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame ready to target attack Viv? An Athena that you somehow let get 12 counters on it? Guess what, they’re dead. You don’t even care about red anymore. I’m even thinking about adding 2 more to side if you expect a lot of red in decks.

Separation of Body and Soul: It’s just to blow out people that play Arthur, and to kill Tsukuyomi Nobles that may have counters on them. Round 1 in the AGP, I just couldn’t push enough damage on the last turn because my opponent dropped an Arthur against my 2 Vivs.

Fairy of Sacred Vision: The hardest to find uncommon in the set. We had to find 10 of them for the group of us. But anyway. It has it’s fairy interactions, plus it kills those pesky Wind-Secluded Refuge so you can instill the fear of God into your opponent… I mean threaten Black Moonbeam.

Seal: It counters Escapes. And… whatever else you really want it to.

Pesky Wind-Secluded Refuge: It’s actually here to protect Viviane. I don’t care enough about keeping Refrain out, though if I need her to be the option is still there.

Interdimensional Escape:  It wipes the board, and even though I like having a board, I usually feel comfortable in the fact that I can rebuild faster than my opponent.

Song of Fairy King: The real dream is to have a Viv out, and cast this for full value. Give +1000 to your whole board.

Final notes:

I absolutely love this deck, and I’ve loved it since they were first released. During the day, my only real problems were against Shion players that dropped more than one Celestial Wing Seraph, and losing to my own stones. I’m sure with the new post-Vingolf standard with dual stones, this deck becomes less playable; mostly because it doesn’t gain much from having dual stones, but every other deck does. Specifically, almost every deck gets access to Prison in the Lunar Lake and Flame Trap; both of which really hurt this deck. I’m still tempted to play this in Rhode Island, but I’m not quite set on it yet. Guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks.

3 thoughts on “David Nikolaus: Reflect/Refrain Fairies Deck Tech

  • August 9, 2016 at 1:27 am

    Get this guy on Outer World

  • August 5, 2016 at 2:01 am

    with dual stones now included. how much of this would you say has changed? and if not much, which dual stones would you include to use ?

    • August 9, 2016 at 10:05 am

      Dual stones don’t really help this deck as David mentions in his conclusion because you need a wider will base which the stones already included in the deck provide. You could possibly take out the Ruler’s Memoria and replace with the Wind/Light dual stone in order to lessen the reliance on Regalia but it doesn’t seem advantageous to do so.

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