Force of Will Top 5 Reprinted Cards Wanted in Vingolf 2

With Grim Cluster rotating soon and the newest Vingolf set coming out in a few months, we are selecting the Force of Will Top 5 Reprinted Cards Wanted in Vingolf 2. So, our choices include any card we want to see again so we can keep playing it after September. Please remember, this is a list of our favorite cards that meet the theme and not necessarily the “best” cards as this article is totally, absolutely subjective. So, read below to see what cards we picked and why we chose them.

Ruben’s Top 5 Reprinted Cards Wanted in Vingolf 2


5. Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince – This is one of my favorite rulers and with the amount of fairy tales in the last few sets, why not?

4. Xeex – I’m a control player. I love counter spells and this card has tons of versatility.

3. Magic Stone of Moon Shade – Just because I want some stone fixing doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?

2. Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword – Don’t need those damn Gwibers flying unchecked.

1. Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant – Do I really have to tell you why?

George’s Top 5 Reprinted Cards Wanted in Vingolf 2


5. Blazer, Eater of Dimensions – A 1100/1100 Dragon with Swiftness that can never truly die and exiles graveyards is so powerful. It’s just a fun a card once it comes out to play.

4. Glimpse of Kaguya – There’s not many ways to stop God’s Art abilities outside of The Primogenitor so losing Glimpse will be a hard pill to swallow. #bringbackglimpse

3. Sign to the Future – There are not many board wipes in the game so a two for one at instant speed that can “steal priority” is going to be missed if not reprinted.

2. Dream of Juliet – This card has so much versatility. A 2 drop instant spell that can blink resonators, destroy any addition (which few other cards can do) and draw a card is a powerful card. To have so many options makes it an MVP card.

1. Cheshire Cat – Because, it is the best card in possibly any TCG like ever. EVAH.

Justin’s Top 5 Reprinted Cards Wanted in Vingolf 2


5. kaguya 1.0 – with all the traps in the past few sets this ruler would be awesome to have.

4. little red the pure stone – free pumps… need I say more?

3. Susan – we need something in the format that can be played for less to take on the mighty dragon gwiber

2, Cthugha – this is the one card that makes rush so nasty.

1. Bahamut – with the rotation set we are losing the greatest rush ruler we have. This makes aggro so nasty and can get you a turn 2 kill.

Force of Will Top 5 is the latest installment of a new FoWHub exclusive column. This is totally random and just for fun. Plus, who doesn’t like pointless lists? So, what are your picks for Force of Will  Top 5 Reprinted Cards Wanted in Vingolf 2? Post your list in the comments below!. The best ones will be discussed on The Imperishable Podcast.