Force of Will Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards

We are selecting the Force of Will Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards. This includes any Blue card found in the Grim Clusters sets: Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale; The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers; The Moon Priestess Returns; and The Millennia of Ages. Rulers, Resonators, Chant Instants and more made our list. So, read below to see what cards we picked and why we chose them.

Ruben’s Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards


5. Gherta, the Tear of Passion – This card is great in aggro decks that splash blue. If you are playing RR, it gets even better. The ability to fly, have swiftness, and target attack by removing counters seems really good. A two drop that is 600/600 in the current meta is dangerous.

4. Etna, the Snow Queen – Another fairy tale that commanded such respect. If you use her awakening cost you can lock the board down with X amount of resonators. This card can be backbreaking if timed right. And if you play Grimm, you can fetch for her.

3. Hamelin’s Pied Piper – Back in the day, the Piper was the man. If you cheated this card in with Tell a Fairy Tale, it was more bonkers. An ability to lock a board down upon entry and when attacking just seems so OP. Love this card.

2. Alice’s World – This card wrecks dreams of opposing players. If this addition hits the field, there is a great chance you will either win the game or lose the game depending on who played it. The current meta loves running these in some decks.

1. Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant – The best one drop in the game. This card will be missed when it rotates. 90% of the decks that run blue have this card in their deck if not more. The ability to draw two cards on any turn its dropped and have a hexproof blocker seems pretty good. You can always reshuffle back into the main deck as well if it hits the graveyard while in play.

George’s Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards


5. Humpty Dumpty – This card gains so much value with the introduction of Shion to the game. With all of the top deck shenanigans that can happen in the Songstress decks, Humpty becomes a way to cheat in huge resonators for cheap with its ability to put the top card into play if it’s a resonator.

4. Etna, the Snow Queen – This card has great versatility being a 700/700 resonator that can also lock down the board. If that wasn’t enough, Etna makes your opponent discard when she deals damage. Card advantage is always a good thing.

3. Glimpse of Kaguya – This card finds itself in sideboards and main decks all over. This is because it’s main use to combat God’s Art abilities by cancelling them. Whether it’s Gill Lapis, Valentina, Shion, etc., shutting down a God’s Art can often swing the game in your favor. It can cancel other annoying abilities as well making it such a value card.

2. Alice’s World – When a whole deck concept is built around one card, then that’s a top level card. Alice’s World decks have topped AGP & ARG tournaments all over the world because getting an extra turn is always a major advantage.  ALWAYS.

1. Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant – ‘Nuff said.

Justin’s Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards


5. Purplemist, the Fantasy Dragon – All around a solid card. It comes was a 1000/1000 with flying which now a day you have to have in your deck. Better yet it can’t be targeted by spells or abilities so you know it’ll be sticking around for a hot minute. The best way to play this card however is to cheat it into play because with being a five cost, it can take valuable time before you can get it out.

4. Seer of the Blue Moon – With so many chant standbys, this card now shines. Add in the fact that robe is viable you can have her flip however the ability to only pay 1 for chant standby is too good to let go.

3. One-inch Boy – All around awesome blocker. You let it block something big and they both die. Always a win when you get to block with him. The best part is using this in a Valentina deck and being able to flash it in as they swing with their heavy hitters.

2. Jeanne d’Arc, the Flame of Hatred – MVP for surpassing people. This card I love because I love aggro. Now it may way expensive for 4 to flip however if you read past it it says if a human was put into a graveyard this turn you may flip for free. SO that means you can hunter in black forest, cthuga, flip hopefully have laevateinn out and swing for another 12 on turn 2. I ran her for a while and loved it.

1.  Alice the Guardian of Dimensions – I hate playing against this card. First off it has flying which is always fun to deal with, but then it gets 2 abilities. The first I will talk about is the removal. Pay 1 light and tap to remove herself and another resonator from game. So combine this with a dream of Juliet and you get to remove something from game. As annoying as that can be it doesn’t compare to the next one. Pay 1 water and target resonator can’t be targeted by spells or abilities from your opponent. That is why I hate this card the most. She basically protects everything and it only costs her 1 will.

Force of Will Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards is the latest installment of a new FoWHub exclusive column. This is totally random and just for fun. Plus, who doesn’t like pointless lists? So, what are your picks for Force of Will Top 5 Grimm Cluster Water Cards? Post your list in the comments below!. The best ones will be discussed on The Imperishable Podcast.