Force of Will Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards

We are selecting the Force of Will Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards, after taking a short hiatus to prepare for AGP Pittsburgh. So, our choices include any activated ability on any resonator card. Please remember, this is a list of our favorite cards that meet the theme and not necessarily the “best” cards as this article is totally, absolutely subjective. So, read below to see what cards we picked and why we chose them.

Ruben’s Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards


5. Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table – This card can wreck if left on the board. Add ramp and this card can come out early. The ability to make your opponent attack this card once you activate its ability, is harsh. A 1200/2000 resonator seems like a good idea to clear a board of small resonators.

4. Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer – Forget about his awesome automatic ability, a 900/900 flying death angel that can gain life is solid. How do you beat aggro? Gain life.

3. Elvish Priest – A great one drop to help ramp your deck up and key for Alice World decks. Winning requires more resources. This helps.

2. Guinevere, the Jealous Queen – I’ve loved this card for a long time. The value this card has is pretty sweet. You can banish any resonator to draw two and discard one. Combos well with Rukh Egg, Mozart, Cheshire, a controlled resonator from an opponent, and so forth.

1. Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon – What is not to love about this card? It’s the best two drop in the game and if you pump it to at least 1000 with his effects, RR, Little Red Stone, or Ame-Lance becomes unruly. He can always self activate to get you to 1000. So good.

George’s Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards


5. Elvish Bowman – A one drop resonator who has the activated ability to rest and destroy target addition… ANY ADDITION. There are not many cards that destroy additions and most of them are one shots. The Bowman can keep popping them as long as it remains on the field.

4. Athena, Titan of Revenge – Athena gets bigger any time you take damage. So, it makes sense that her activated ability causes you and your opponent take damage… making her bigger… and possibly getting through for 1000 damage total with just one activation of said ability. Seems good!

3. Fiethsing, the Magus of Holy Wind – Fiethsing has three really good abilites: Quickcast so she can be played at instant speed; an enter ability to “fog” one of your opponents resonators; and the activated ability to create will of any attribute. The first two abilities make her very playable but it’s her activated ability that creates the long term value.

2. Alice, the Guardian of Dimensions – Not one, but two great activated abilities appear on this version of Alice! The first lets you give any resonator protection by making it untargetable until end of turn. If that wasn’t enough, Alice has the activated ability to remove herself and another resonator from the game for one light and resting the card. This card has so much value and versatility when it hits the playground.

1. The Little Match Girl – One of my favorite cards in the game! Little Match Girl when paired with multiple Magic Matchsticks can be trouble for any opponents board. Not only does her awakening let you tutor for the Magic Matchsticks in BOTH your library and graveyard, her activated ability lets you pitch the Matchsticks to do 400 per to any J/Resonator for potentially 1600 damage… to any J/Resonator! And since it’s an activated ability the damage from the ability can only be countered by Gill Lapis or Glimpse of Kaguya. Almost unstoppable damage with the ability to reload is soooo gooood.

Justin’s Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards


5. Trader of Shangri-La – This is an overlooked card most days however if your playing Shion I feel this card can be really valuable. Yes, Hydromonica can do that same thing however this is a 1 drop chump blocker as well and you can put something on the bottom and then use Hydromonica if it works out which is handy.

4. Humpty Dumpty – The engine that can drive some decks. Humpty is amazing especially now since you can combine it with Shion and know what card is on top. As well he is an 800/800 who can do some damage or either block for you.
3. Heart Stirring Sage – I really like this card. Its a really cute card that will make your ATK and DEF the same which is really nice when combined with say Yamata. As well it has a 600 defense so it just shy of being thundered which is always nice.
2. Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon – who can forget about Lancelot? The fact that he has swiftness plus when you attack his ability lets him shoot something for 700 then swing for 1000, You can pretty much kill anything that is in your way.
1. Flame Sprite – The best activate ability for me is the little flame sprite. She taps and does 100 damage per fairy on the field. Combine this with a demon flame and its a powerful combo or if you play more Fairys you can shoot things for quite a bit.

Force of Will Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards is the latest installment of a new FoWHub exclusive column. This is totally random and just for fun. Plus, who doesn’t like pointless lists? So, what are your picks for Force of Will Top 5 Activated Abilities of Resonator Cards? Post your list in the comments below!. The best ones will be discussed on The Imperishable Podcast.