Days of Our Standbys: The Seven Kings Manga Recap

In this volume, they kick off the SKL set of the card game. We start off however in an unfamiliar place. We see Alice laying on the ground on a checkerboard floor which at first makes me think of her home of wonderland. You learn quickly this isn’t her wonderland however because, there with her, is the big man himself, Gill Lapis, The Primogenitor. He says that all worlds are his worlds and now Alice can see that. I believe that this space they are in is an area where all worlds can be viewed somehow. They show a picture of a map in the panel but I believe that isn’t how they are seen. This place also has access to all the worlds to be able to travel to as one may wish. I believe also that the Primogenitor bringing Alice there is for some kind of purpose. Hopefully, he is trying to recruit her to be one of his minions however with how Alice is I am sure she would say no. The Primogenitor goes on to explain about a world with seven kingdoms and seven lands exists. In this world, the kings each had a sacred treasure, these sacred treasure are, in fact, the regalia. Regalia however in this world are a bit different than you may think. They are actually used to summon resonators into their world. Theses Regalia were granted to the kings of this world which makes you wonder if there was a higher power giving them to the world… The Primogenitor… or if they were already there in the land and follow some of the lore behind the weapons. Such as Excalibur being pulled from the rock, however that may be going too deep for this story.


They explain that Heroes would answer to the Regalia’s power and that with a single stroke the weapons could bring on to their knees. This is a tad bit confusing, however. It would appear that the Regalia don’t really summon resonators; however, the resonators are waiting in a limbo area and when someone wields one they have a choice to answer and be summoned. This makes me wonder if the resonators they summon can only be with their intentions. Such as when Faria summons a resonator, it is Gawain into this story and, when Melgis summons someone, it is Lancelot. Clearly, Gawain would be the light and Lancelot would be the dark; however, the resonators later in the story show they aren’t evil aka Lance or absolute good aka Gawain. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

This chapter of the story opens up so many questions and speculations. Moving on, we find Faria returning back to Gloria Castle town with Gawain. She is greeted with applause and praise and by her side is Gawain. They return to the castle and Faria explains that even though they had a victory against Certo it is not over. You learn that Melgis is actually not the true heir to Certo but he, in fact, stole the regalia from the old family and claimed it as his own. Which this points out that it would seem anyone could wield regalia. Gawain tells Faria that she should lighten up and enjoy her victory. Gawain says she should smile more and that her brother and sister would appreciate it. This clearly makes Faria irritated because her sister died of an illness. Her brother had also left for Certo to try to reason with Melgis as well and he has not returned and Faria is assuming the worse. Faria and Gawain continue to talk and once again Gawain puts his foot in his mouth and Faria stabs him in the foot with her sheathed sword. Gawain lets out a yelp and Faria remarks that he can’t feel pain and that he can’t even die. To me this makes me wonder just how these resonators become them because as we have seen though the game. It’s not just people who are resonators, it’s creatures as well. It makes you wonder if The Primogenitor is almost like some game master, if he is in fact in charge of all the worlds, and he is picking and choosing who and what can get summoned. I am not sure if this is meant to be related to the game at all or if this is supposed to be separate just for the storyline. However, it makes me believe that someone is controlling everything from behind the shadows. Which, The Primogenitor is the key person that I would speculate that being at this point.


It then cuts to Lancelot doing what he does best which is slashing the heads off of people. The first impression you get of Lance is that he is evil due to the look he has as well, that he has sided with Melgis and, of course, he just cut a dude’s head clean off. Then, Melgis makes his appearance and stops Lance from killing them all because he claims the weak should serve the strong, that is the way of Certo. This thinking is probably how he managed to come to power as well. He tells Lance to let the cowards live and that they would be good for something… a shield. Hearing this shows just how violent and evil Melgis can be.

The story continues with Faria and Melgis’ s armies are duking it out. You see Lance going in for Faria when Gawain comes out of nowhere and blocks Lance. Gawain says it’s been a while since they have seen each other implying that perhaps wherever the resonators are before they are summoned they are somewhat free to move around and talk instead of being held in a state of suspension. Also, this makes me believe that they aren’t just being taken from their time periods in which they originate from. While Lance and Gawain are fighting, Melgis heads toward Faria in an attempt to “mount her head on a pike” as he puts it so gently. They both draw their regalia and begin to rush toward each other. Faria catches Melgis on the shoulder and slashes down as Melgis grabs her sword and holds it. He then unleashes the Demon Blade and a blast of flames come forth from Laevateinn. GODS ART!!! Gawain seeing this calls out to Faria and stops fighting Lance. Faria is then engulfed in a flame as Gawain and Lance stand by and watch. All of a sudden, a flash of light comes down from the sky right in the middle of the flame. Low and behold, you see Faria in the middle and the fire gets pushed away and goes out.


In the second that the light hits the ground, you notice something interesting however. The battlefield Melgis and Faria are fighting on is just an open area with dirt as the ground. However, when they show the light hitting the ground you see the same checkerboard pattern that Alice was sitting on in the beginning. Which the way they portray it in the comic, it looks as though someone is materializing in the spot where Faria is standing. So with this, it looks like Alice is once again teleporting through time and space. Once again, it makes me wonder if Alice is working with The Primogenitor or if she somehow escaped him. If she did escape him, how would he have not known where she went since he is supposed to be the one who can control all the worlds. Regardless, Alice makes it to the land of the seven kings.

She immediately scolds everyone for fighting with each other and tells them to play nice, a typical Alice response. Then Gawain says, “it can’t be…” Because, he actually knows Alice. Alice, not noticing Gawain, walks over to Melgis and heals his shoulder where Faria had slashed it.. .enter Alice saint of healing, stage left. As she is doing this, Melgis’ s men charge her and she lets out a yell and a force field like orb surrounds her and repels everyone back… enter Alice, the Valkyrie of Fairy Tales, stage right. Then, Alice notices Gawain and she just smiles.

THE PLOT DEEPENS. Since now that you can say Gawain, lance, and Alice all know each other, that means that they all somehow how come from the same place, which could either mean Alice has leapt through time and space to the days of knights to meet Lance and Gawain or perhaps The Primogenitor had taken the nights from their world along with Alice and somehow Alice being from wonderland has gotten access to these powers where she can move through time.


TANGENT: Ok, so think about this for a minute… wherever Alice seems to be, there is trouble following her. From the other stories, we learn of blazer and how she is tracking him. However, you don’t learn about anything Blazer does until Alice shows up and says it. What if Alice is, in fact, the one causing all these issues and Blazer, a minion of The Primogenitor, was only following her trying to bring her back to Gill Lapis? That could mean that The Primogenitor, being the ruler of the worlds, is just trying to clean up the mess that Alice is making by going around saying that himself and his minions are the evil ones. When, in fact, Alice is the one who is trying to raise an army to defeat him for her own goals. He is trying to keep the worlds separate and by Alice going around to other worlds it is screwing with the balance of the worlds, which could be the reason why her world got destroyed along with the other worlds she claims have been destroyed. BOOM, Alice is actually evil! Calling it now, before they reveal it and if not… not going to believe it. END TANGENT

Alice then begins by explaining the different cards sets with Valhalla, then Grimm, and leading into her own block. She talks about the Valhalla world and how it was filled with legends and heroes, but one day they began fighting for control over it,. Then, a guy showed up and destroyed everything. For Grimm, she talks of a world full of fairy tales who fought against invaders and because of a special girl, Lumia, that world was just barely saved. Then, moving on to her own block, she talks about how the kingdoms begin to fight over resources and then, one day, a guy showed up aka The Primogenitor. After hearing all this, Faria is less than impressed and doesn’t believe her. Gawain reassures her though that she is indeed correct and asks Lance for conformation. Lance and Gawain confirm that they are indeed from the world of heroes aka Valhalla and that once their world was destroyed they awoke in a dark place… with checker board floors.


You see Alice standing at the end of the area and asks them to once again fight. In these few panels, you don’t see Alice’s face and it is ominous. Gawain then says the next time he awoke was when he was coming out of Excalibur that Faria had. So, could this mean that Alice and The Primogenitor have the same powers to pull people from their worlds and replant them? Lance continues on to say that since he had awoken that he had served 2 kings. Lance and Gawain then realize that when she asked to them to fight one more time it wasn’t all these years they had spent in the seven kingdoms but it would be when she arrived to fight The Primogenitor. Lancelot then asks Alice about his other friends and his true liege and she says she is unsure that she only found them 2 and a few others from another world. Once again, this is making me think Alice is making an army to combat The Primogenitor who seems to be sending his minions after her. After hearing all of this, Melgis confronts Alice again and says that the weak shall serve the strong and, in typical Alice fashion, she looks at him grabs his hand and tells him he is a good boy. Alice reveals that her home was in fact destroyed as well and, in turn, Alice’s sister told her that whenever you’re sad just smile a little and you’ll feel better. This could be the reason Alice always has such a happy attitude towards everything. After losing her sister, she could have gone off the deep end and the last thing she remembers about her sister was the fact that she said that.

Afterwards, Alice says she wants Melgis and Faria to help her for the battle that is to come. Faria disapproves at first; however, Alice says she will answer everything once they all meet at the Summit. Flash forward and the seven kings are at the Summit. Lance and Gawain sit outside and comment on how incredible it is that just on kid running around could do all this. The Seven kings wonder how they can fight against such a power that is The Primogenitor. Alice reassures them that, with the regalia and the magic stones they possess, they can summon an army.


HOLD UP! How does Alice know about the regalia? In the beginning of this story, you’ll remember that The Primogenitor revealed all of this to Alice. Then, Alice all of a sudden appears in this world and everything goes downhill… coincidence? I think not. Regardless, Alice is right in the middle of giving her we have to work together speech and then a voice comes from above and finishes her speech for her. Then, BOOM! CRASH! A wall explodes and in walks Dark Alice.

A lot happened in this issue and a lot of speculation was generated as well. In the comic, they seem to be separate from the other stories from before; however, they are shedding more light on certain things such as how resonators are here and the fact of how Alice is managing to get from world to world. I suspect that in the coming issues much will be revealed and, hopefully, we will find out why The Primogenitor seems to be following Alice around and why he let her slip through his fingers.

Read the full manga comic over at the FOWTCG site using the link below:

The Seven Kings of the Lands

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