Force of Will Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards

Force of Will Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards is the first installment of a new FoWHub exclusive column. In these articles, we will pick the Top 5 cards that meet the week’s criteria. This is totally random and just for fun. Plus, who doesn’t like pointless lists? So, check out Force of Will Top 5 each week as the latest list is posted and then post your own top 5 below in the comments. The best ones will be discussed on The Imperishable Podcast. Now, on to the lists!

This week, we are picking the Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards. So, any card that is not a Ruler or J-Ruler card is eligible to be on the list. Resonators, Spell Chants, Addition: Fields and more made our list. So, read below to see what cards we picked and why we chose them.

Ruben’s Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards


  • Lancelot – Best 2 drop in the game that punishes no board state for the opponent. Early, mid and late game, this card is dangerous. Add the trigger to the mix and its lights out
  • Seal of Wind and Light – A cancel spell that cannot be chased. If you are running green, you are running this spell. It cancels anything and everything. Throughout the game this card is powerful.
  • Adombroli – A 600/800 utility machine. It enables early turn Gwibers, does damage, draws cards, and more. If you want versatility, this card is it. It synergizes well with many different color builds.
  • Wind-Secluded Refuge – The only card in constructed that cancels Flame of the Outer World. It protects your J/Resonator from death, damage, or reduced stats. Oh, and it draws you a card on entry. No tempo loss.
  • Foment of the World Tree – This card is bananas! You pay two wind for this spell and you get a free mulligan and gain 800 life. OMG! Yes, it is that amazing. Combo this with Morgiana and you dig deeper into your deck. If you are running green, this needs to be at least a 2 of.

lancelot-the-mad-demon If-you-want-to-experience-other-cultures-use-an-atlas-or-a-ham-radioadombrali Its-Sparky-Sparky-Boom-Manfoment world tree

George’s Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards


  • Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant – One of the most expensive and, arguably, the best card in the game. As a one drop, it proves both early game and late game value. Its versatility as a card is hard to match. Not only does it allow you to gain card advantage, but it’s a untargetable blocker that recycles into your deck when it dies. Combined with Adombrali, it gains even more value. Chesh should be in every deck if possible.
  • Lancelot, Knight of Mad Demon – There might not be a better two drop available. With swiftness and firebreathing to pump its attack, the card is dangerous whenever it is played. The fact that it can torch other resonators when its attack reaches 1,000 is a bonus not worth ignoring. But be careful, as Lance’s trigger must target a resonator (even himself) every time he attacks regardless of who controls it. If you play Fire, you play Lancelot. #church
  • Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame – A newer card to the scene, but one that packs as much versatility as a resonator can. Just in abilities alone, Pricia is a force to behold with swiftness, first strike and target attack. She is a removal spell of sorts being able to attack recovered resonators when she hits the field and dealing her damage first. If that wasn’t enough, she can gain flying and does 500 damage to your opponent when she dies.
  • Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer – Move over Mephistopheles, a new demon is in town. Lucifer will surely replace Meph in many Darkness decks as the four drop of choice. Forcing your opponent to banish a resonator fits right into the board control strategy especially when coupled with Dark Alice of Celestial Winged Seraph. The ability to gain life when it attacks also makes Lucifer a very valuable card.
  • Laevateinn, the Demon Sword – Regalia changed the way the game was played and Laevateinn is one of the best of the bunch. Again, the versatility of the Demon Sword is what makes it so great. It grants your J-Ruler swiftness, which is always good. It can create Red Will. It pumps the damage your J-Ruler does and you can banish resonators to recover and pump again. This also includes any resonators that you steal from your opponent through various means. Then, it also gives your J-Ruler imperishable when banished. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of Regalia.


What are your picks for Force of Will Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards? Post your list in the comments below!