Force of Will Top 5 Cheat into Play Cards

For this week, we are picking the Force of Will Top 5 Cheat into Play Cards. This means any card that can be brought into play through other means than paying the cards printed casting cost. Resonators, Chant Standbys and more made our list. So, read below to see what cards we picked and why we chose them.

Ruben’s Top 5 Cheat into Play Cards


5. Gwiber, the White Dragon – If you cast 1-2 resonators the cost is either 2L or L. For a 1200/1200 flying dragon, this has value written all over it. Seems good.

4. Fallen Angelic Destroyer, Lucifer – Celestial Wing Seraph finally has the Angel it was looking for. Once you cheat this card in, you get a resonator that, when it enters, the opponent must banish a dude. This guy also flies and can get life gain. Love this card.

3. Adombrali, the Unfathomable – The Incarnation King right here. You banish color combinations of resonators and this guy works magic. He goes great with #5 on my list.

2. Hamelin’s Pied Piper – Back in the day while playing Grimm and even in some decks now, if you cast Tell a Fairy Tale you go find this 3WW bad mama jama and put it into play. Once this guy hits the field it locks down a resonator. So good!

1. Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice – This is new to my list since I play a Tree deck. Once you die for the first time, you get to search your deck for this lovely lady and her regalia. Immediately you get a 1900/1900 Target Attack juggernaut that redirects damage to it. Wow!

George’s Top 5 Cheat into Play Cards


5. Gwiber, the White Dragon – I love Dragons and the only thing better than playing a Dragon is playing a Dragon on the cheap. The ability to get a 1200/1200 flier on your board on turn 3 (or possibly even Turn 2 with Elvish Priest) will always be a solid play. It can be a hard situation for your opponent to deal with, if they do not have any removal on hand.

4. The Executioner – This selection may seem kind of odd as normally the purpose of cheating cards into play is to play them for less than the printed casting cost. However, if you are ever playing the Executioner for one darkness, then you are most likely playing it wrong (unless you plan to use it to sacrifice to Adombrali). The real value comes when you pay 2 to place it into the Chant Standby Area so you can use The Executioners great ability to destroy resonators with a cost of 3 or less. This takes care of Lancelot, Pricia, Athena and more and nets you a 300/300 creature, which is a bonus that other removal spells do not grant you.

3. Prison in the Lunar Lake – With all of the automatic abilities of resonators in the game, this card has such wonderful value. Having a 3 cost would be good enough, but, the fact that it’s a chant standby that you can pay 2 of any attribute to put into play, makes it a must play for water players. When this card is flipped up when it’s trigger is met, it not only cancels the automatic ability but it also destroys the resonator without targeting, to get around protection. So, this means not only can it cancel the abilities and destroy cards like Valentina, the Puppet Monarch and Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal, but it can also do the same to Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant! Seems good.

2. Flame King’s Shout – Any time that you can get a two for once bonus, it is a value play. Flame King’s Shout is such a card. Not only can you do 400 damage to your opponent’s entire board (which also gets around protections like those of Cheshire Cat and Realm of Pure Spirits), but you get to put a fire resonator 3 cost or less into play and it gains swiftness. This card can wreck your opponents field, especially when used against the small resonators of the popular Alice’s World deck, while also getting you a resonator to help gain you an advantage.

1. Cthugha, the Living Flame – Rush is one of the most popular deck formats and Cthugha is the one of the main reasons why. Turn 1 Ruhk Egg into at least 2 Living Flames (sometimes more) is a common sight when playing against those decks. To get a 500/500 resonator that can attack the same turn is golden and, when you banish that Egg to go search for another and use Incarnation again, it is a combo that is sometimes too much to come back from as an opponent. All aboard the Cthugha train!

Justin’s Top 5 Cheat into Play Cards


5. Gwiber, the White Dragon – Number 5 is everyone’s favorite dragon, Gwiber. Whether your bringing him into play with his mana reduction ability or using Book of Eibon, Gwiber comes in as a 1200/1200 flyer that has to be dealt with immediately. This card will put your opponent on a very short clock if they don’t do something about him. However, Gwiber has a huge drawback, he gives your opponent a big opportunity to play Susanowo for only 3 which will give them a huge advantage if they get him into the field.

4. PurpleMist, The Fantasy Dragon – Coming in at number 4 is Purplemist. I feel like people forget about this card most of the time. Mist comes in as a 1000/1000 with flying which isn’t the best; however, his continuous ability is what makes this card amazing. It can’t be targeted by spells or abilities which with all the removal in the game now makes this a very valuable card when he gets into the field.

3. Arthur Pendragon, King of the Round Table – Coming in at number 3 is Arthur Pendragon. This beast comes in with 1200/1200 ATK and DEF which is nothing to shake a stick at however he comes with a handy ability of his own as well. When you tap him he boosts his DEF up to 2000 and makes all resonators your opponent controls attack him. Then the icing on the cake is that Arthur can’t be targeted by darkness or fire spells or abilities! Combine this with a percival and Arthur is a board wipe and a half that will be staying around for a few turns.

2. Celestial Wing Seraph – Coming in at number 2 is Celestial Wing Seraph. This beauty comes in as a 1000/1000 flyer which is always nice however with her enter ability which goes off anytime she enters or re-enters the field it makes this card shine. She comes into the field and brings her friends with her. The most popular angel to bring along with her is Lucifer which when he enters the field makes your opponent banish a resonator. So, getting her into play you get a 1000/1000 plus a 900/900, if you grab lucy, then your opponent banishes a resonator and to top it off everytime you swing with the Seraph she gains you life for each angel in the field. Talk about value in getting one card into play. Combine this with a dream of Juliet and your board just keeps growing with more and more angels.

1. Yamata-no-Orochi, the Eight Disasters – Finally the number 1 spot goes to the grand daddy himself Yamata-no-Orochi! Coming in as a 200/2000 that swings 8 times doesn’t seem too bad but then when you combine this with a necromancy of the undead Lord or Heart Stirring Sage and this 200 attack gets real big, real quick. The best part is, if you didn’t already know is that he has swiftness! So when he comes out he can deal 1600 damage unbuffed, or with necromancy he’s swinging for 3200, and then if have Heart Stirring sage on the field you can make that 200 ATK go to a 2000 ATK letting you swing for 16,000 DAMAGE! Making Yamata a huge pain if you are on the receiving end of the damage.

Force of Will Top 5 Cheat into Play Cards is the latest installment of a new FoWHub exclusive column. This is totally random and just for fun. Plus, who doesn’t like pointless lists? So, what are your picks for Force of Will Top 5 Non J/Ruler Cards? Post your list in the comments below!. The best ones will be discussed on The Imperishable Podcast.