Curse of the Frozen Casket Preview #9

Spoilers by Ruben Sanchez and Mike Likes


Welcome to our ninth article reviewing the officially spoiled cards of the Curse of the Frozen Casket!  Most of you guys hear us talking about spoilers on The Imperishable Podcast but with this article Mike Likes and myself will be going a little more in depth on the cards being spoiled.  We will discuss these cards as they relate to Limited play (Sealed or Draft) and Constructed play (currently how they relate to cards in the Alice Cluster format).  

Our system uses number ratings to gauge how well WE think the cards will perform in Limited and Constructed play.  Ruben will list the pros and cons for each card and give his thoughts and rating on the card for Limited play.  Mike will give his thoughts on the card and rating for Constructed play.

How Our Rating System Works

5.0:  Format All-Star.  This card is a total Bomb card.  For those that aren’t familiar with this term, it basically means this card will win you the game if left unchecked for a turn or two.  These cards tend to be hard to defend against and can turn a game around in a hurry.  Some cards that are bombs in limited may only be a mediocre card in constructed play.

4.0:  Format Staple.  This card is great.  It can be played in multiple decks and will have an impact on the game every time.  These cards can change a game quickly, get you back in the game, or shift the tempo of the game.  These cards are usually vulnerable to some type of removal (or are a removal spell themselves), but they they make up the majority of cards found in major tournament decks.

3.0:  Archetype Staple.  These are generally good cards, and many of them will be the majority of cards found in a tribal deck.  Cards in this category are usually similar to other (higher-ranked) cards but cost 1 Will more or or have a drawback in some manner.  In Limited play, these are the majority of your deck.

2.0:  Niche Card.  These cards serve are very narrow function and are usually meant for your sideboard.  They could be removal spells that only remove 1 type of card, or cards with mediocre stats that have an ability that helps against opponents playing a certain Attribute.  In Limited play, these cards are put in your deck if you have no other options and need the card to reach your 20-card minimum deck size.  For Constructed play, you will rarely play this card unless it’s from your sideboard or you want to be “cute”.

1.0:  Will Rarely See Play.  The worst of the worst.  These cards are rarely played (if they’re played at all).  These cards generally have bad stats, cost too much Will, or have basically no impact on the game when they’re played.  Overall stay away from this card if possible.

And now, on to the cards…

Rinka, Second Daughter of the Mikage


Limited:  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Good stats for cost.
  • Needs situational effects to occur to get benefits.
  • Can gain Precision.
  • Potential evasion built in.
  • Can get stronger when dealing damage.
  • Vampire.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  For a 2-drop, the stats for Rinka are very good.  I think she’s an amazing deterrent for you opponent to attack you.  If she is able to deal damage to anything, she gets a +100/+100 counter and gains the potential to become Flying.  And once she gets her first +100/+100 counter, it becomes easier to gain additional counters due to Precision.  This is a very good card.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will see tons of play. It can gain Flying, Precision, and get stronger over time for the measly cost of BB. I love this card in Limited. It will become a nuisance to your opponent quickly if not handled. In Constructed I expect this card to see more play in a Vampire themed deck.  The 2-drop is a coveted slot for players and this Vampire may need some more help to have it shine.

Servant of the Mikage


Limited:  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

  • Vampire.
  • Weak Stats.
  • Cheap.
  • Don’t Vampires fly??
  • Can buff itself or other resonators.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card has a home in any deck running vampires, since they revolve around having +100/+100 counters on them.  But I think this card could see play in other decks as well.  The fact that it can put the counters onto itself means you will always get value from playing this card.  And, for a 1-drop, his stats are on the high end.  I look forward to using this card in my decks.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited I can see this card being played and if anything it can be a 400/400 for B. Ideally this card benefits with helping other Vampires get better. It will see play. In Constructed this will benefit more decks that rely on counters to make their resonators stronger and not just Vampires. The 1 drop slot will mainly be used for disruption in the early game but this card may see play.

Oni Governor


Limited:  3.5 (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Love the casting cost.
  • No Evasion.
  • BFG.
  • Only targets 3 cost or less resonator.
  • Can destroy opponent’s resonators.
  • Must banish another resonator.
  • New race.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  A lot of decks play nothing but resonators that cost 3 will or less, so they can play their cards early and in multiples in later turns.  This card is amazing against those decks.  For other decks, the Oni Governor will still have plenty of targets to destroy.  As long as you have a supply of resonators that you don’t mind banishing, this guy proves why he got elected.  The main downfall for this card is the high cost to play it.  Even so, I still feel he will find a way into many decks.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this is a big threat to handle. It can kill your opponent’s little guys and clear the board for your victory. I just wish it had some sort of evasion and didn’t have to banish one of your own. It’s a tough card to combat in Limited for sure and is splashable because of its casting cost. In Constructed this guy will be used to against ramp decks or low cost resonators. The only downside is trying to feed this Oni.

Mad Oni


Limited:  2.0 (🌟🌟)

  • New mechanic: Bloodlust.
  • No Evasion.
  • Good power for cost.
  • Easy to kill with its defense.
  • Must attack each turn if able could hurt.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  While some people see Bloodlust as a hinderance, I can see some benefits of it.  It allows you to attack each turn and you can easily use combat tricks to turn the penalty of having to attack into a benefit that you can use either to punch through a lot of extra damage if he’s unblocked, or to kill off your opponent’s blocking resonators.  While I don’t think this card is amazing, I do think he’s better than he looks at first glance.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card may see some play. I just don’t think this Oni is built to last unless you have ways to buff it. It is a bit on the weak side when it comes to defense. Additions and chants may make this battering ram viable if done right. If this had First Strike, this Oni would rock!

Priest of Darkness, Abdul Alhazred


Limited:  2.0 (🌟🌟)

  • Can search out Cthulhu cards in your deck.
  • Stats mediocre.
  • No evasion.
  • Activated ability is high.
  • Must banish Abdul for effect.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  Oh, Abdul.  What happened?  You used to be an amazing Ruler, and now you’re just a mediocre resonator.  The only real reason to play this card is to cheat out Azathoth.  If you’re playing him for any other reason, you’re better off looking for a better resonator to play.  If your opponent plays this card, be prepared to see Azathoth soon.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will be used as a body for the most part. Paying 2BB to use its ability is steep in Limited. You not only have to pay that but you lose a body on the field. The Cthulhu you get better be worth it. In Constructed this card will use its abilty Turn 4 to bring out a BFG named Azalthoth, Hunter of Reality. What else?

Eternal Recurrence


Limited:  4.0 (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Board wipe.
  • Not quickcast.
  • It’s a board wipe.
  • Destroys all resonators.
  • OMG its a board wipe!

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Finally a true boardwipe comes to FoW.  I know a lot of players (Ruben included) have been waiting for a card like this to finally be released.  I’m glad to see that this costs 5 will.  If it were cheaper, it would be overpowered, but at 5 will I think it’s right on the mark.  This card will be amazing if you’ve already performed Judgment and your opponent’s J-Ruler has been destroyed.  This is a great addition to the game.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will be a way to come back from getting your butt kicked. A way to reset the game. A chance for you to save face. It is so powerful. In Constructed….let me take a minute. I have been waiting for a card like this for a long time. I have asked and now I have received. This card will be in EVERY good control deck. This is one of the better cards spoiled in this set and expect to see this card replace slots for Interdimensional Escape or cut out altogether.

Alhazred’s Zealot


Limited:  3.0  (🌟)

  • Good stats
  • No evasion

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This zealot is okay, but nothing special.  As a “vanilla” resonator (a resonator with no abilities), this stats for this card are okay, but not amazing.  If there’s a human-based deck using darkness stones, this card might see play, but I don’t expect too much from this card.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this will fill your curve and add another resonator to the deck. Nothing too special. The stats are pretty good for 2B but overall it’s just a body. In Constructed this will not see play unless you feel that your 3 drop slot is lacking something. Way too many good spells out there for this to take its place unless someone finds a good combo.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article and please feel free to comment below and share what your rating is and why. Please be respectful and we look forward to bringing more articles your way!