FOWTavern: The Burn Deck Archetype

Tyler Lindsey posted an article about the burn deck archetype on FOWTavern in which he dives deep into the specifics of the format details. In his new column called “Defining the Spectrum”, Tyler starts with one of the fastest tempo build in most any trading card game. The article is incredibly detailed in outlining the resonators, spells, J-Rulers and more that fit into the burn deck archetype. Tyler also covers the damage effectiveness, the will requirements and the strategy in employing the Burn technique. Also, discussed are the weakeness of the deck as well as how to create your sideboard.

Burn decks have always been a favorite, personally. They are very fast and can end games rather quickly. However, if the games tend to drag on, the burn deck archetype can be devastated if the opponent manages to stabilize or withstand the barrage as they can tend to flame out just as quick as they take down life totals.

Overall, Tyler’s analysis of the burn deck archetype is superb and we look forward to reading more installments of “Defining the Spectrum” over at FOWTavern. So, go check out his article and the sample deck list that he brewed!


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