Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 3

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 3 continues Justin’s 5 part piece to determine whether she is here to save or destroy the world and everything around here. Disclaimer, the facts from this is article are for the most part referring only to the story and comic saga they have released. So without further ado, let’s continue!

Part 3

In this segment, Alice is still trying to get all of the 7 kings together so that she can take get the primogenitor out of the way and become the Ruler of all worlds and do what she pleases. She is getting the help of Faria, Val and DA on the DL to get everyone together in one place so she may take advantage of the situation.

“Despite Alice’s warnings of the coming threat of the Progenitor many of the King’s were preoccupied with their own concerns. Some feared that the conference was a way for other Kings to seize power over their lands.”

I believe no line is ever written without some kind of purpose. This line could be foreshadowing that other Kings being Alice and Val coming to power since she is getting all of the kings together. This is why Alice needed the help of Faria and other kings to get them to trust her so that they would all come to one spot and then be taken advantage of.

At that moment Alice seemed to fade into the room out of the corner of Faria’s eye.

This fading is her ability to teleport, I believe. If she has this kind of power, what other abilities could she be hiding? Alice’s powers are never really revealed however they are shown off quite a few times. The fact that she can teleport from place to place (and I would assume time to time) means that what she said before about her being transported to Faria when she needed was not destiny at all. But, in fact, that she teleported to her the moment she needed help so that Faria would trust her more.

”Well ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a knack for garnering the attention of unusual characters.” – Alice

Alice says this to Faria. This could show that the Primogenitor has always had his eyes on Alice because of her abilities. I believe the wonderland that Alice lived in was vastly different than what other books have portrayed it to be. I wish they would go more in detail of how Alice has come to obtain these powers. The Primogenitor could have taken Alice from her world and done something to her to unlock her true powers, in order for her to help him. However, there was a disagreement and Alice ran back to her home world, only to find her new abilities caused an unbalance in the world.

So, the Primogenitor sent his minions after her to recover her so she wouldn’t damage the world. Then, she fought back to find out just how powerful she is and in turn destroying her own world. She could in turn blame it on the Primogenitor because she is unaware that by her not staying in the “space between worlds” with the Primogenitor she is causing all of this unbalance in the worlds she goes to.

”More than any of us, Alice, you’re probably the most ambitious.” – Faria

Faria mentions that Alice is the most ambitious person in regards to trying to get all 7 kings together. Once again, this is to fight the Primogenitor (who is just trying to balance the worlds) and she is trying to either take his spot  or either kill him in order for her to be able to go world to world without having to worry about someone stopping her.

With Alice and Faria’s plan coming together, it seemed there was finally a light shining down on the hope of this world, of all worlds. But for every pull, a push. For every positive, a negative. For every light, a shadow.

This is said at the end of the third story and it backs up the theory of Alice destroying the worlds. She is invading these worlds of her own will and whether she is good or evil this states there is always a reaction. When she comes to these worlds, she uses her powers in it and because of that causes an unbalance of power in it. Due to this, the Primogenitor must go and try to balance out the worlds which is what I believe he is doing by chasing Alice around however she has managed to avoid him so far.

Whether anyone, even Arla, had realized it or not, the winds were already changing.

In Armalla, the beautiful floating island palace resided the Winged Lord of the Skies, Arla. A man who, above all else, valued honor and integrity. Long had he sought to use his place among the heavens as a means to guard his world. However, recently, it was the world itself that was troubling him.

These lines back up the fact that now that Alice is actively trying to get the kings together and using her powers in this world that Arla can feel the changes. I wanted to put this after the last line to really drive the point across that people can tell the change and that it isn’t just speculation. Arla can tell things are changing in the world and can’t tell what is going on. Whether or not Alice knows that Arla would know is evident however with how much Alice seems to know. It’s safe to assume that she knows Arla will be able to feel the power change the world and will worry about it which in turn will result in a better chance that he will come to the meeting.

To be continued… in Part 4!

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? is a 5 part series by Justin Moyer. It is a FoWHub exclusive column dissecting the role of Alice in the Force of Will Lore. 


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