Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 2

The story of Alice goes on in Justin’s 5 part piece to determine whether she is here to save or destroy the world and everything around here. Disclaimer, the facts from this is article are for the most part referring only to the story and comic saga they have released. So without further ado, let’s continue!

Part 2

The setting opens up with Gloria castle and Alice and Faria are talking with each other. Alice is getting “caught up” on what has been going on in the area.

“Yes. You must have had a reason for coming to this world, right? It’s hard to imagine you came all this way just to help me out ten years ago.” – Faria

“Hmm? Did my expression give it away?” – Alice

“Haha! No, no. Nothing like that. It’s just that… over the years I’ve gotten good at telling when someone needs help.” – Faria

Alice explained the coming of ‘That One” to this world.

“I see. So, there are that many worlds beyond here.”  -Faria

This conversation shows the fact that Alice knows that “The Old One” is coming to this world. In the comic, before Alice got to this world she was with “The Old One” who we can only assume is The Primogenitor. The reason why she knows he is coming is due to the fact that she is there and she has been there for 10 years. I believe that the Primogenitor is coming after Alice to stop her, in fact, and not as Alice would have you believe to destroy the world. It’s important to note that she is talking about the Primogenitor here and not Blazer who actually does appear later on. This is showing just how much Alice does know. She is giving out all this information this signifies where Faria starts to trust Alice.

“Shion, would you please sing me a song?”- Valentina

“Of course, Lady Valentina. What kind of song shall I sing?” –  Shion

“Yes, what indeed… a song that stirs something in the chest. A song that foretells a new meeting.”- Valentina

“Yes, my lady.” – Shion

Valentina longed for a new encounter. Since her birth in Shangri-La, she was always preoccupied with beautiful things. To her, collecting things and people were one and the same. To encounter and acquire new and beautiful things, that’s all she ever desired. Anything else was quickly discarded. Envy and greed had long since been deep rooted in the woman. Over time, she became known by a title formed from cynicism and spite, the princess of love.

This is setting up for showing what kind of person Valentina truly is. You later find out that Dark Alice has already been with Valentina and predicts this meeting. Without saying too much I believe this shows a possible partnership between Alice and Dark Alice. I believe they sought out Valentina to help both of them because they knew she could be swayed easily with power, which the other 7 kings wouldn’t be swayed so easily. Because of this, DA went to Val to tell her that Alice would come visit and to try to persuade her to join Alice at the summit. I believe this could be the point at which it starts to show that DA and Alice are actually working together for their own goal.

“Alright, you’re Valentina, then? My name is Alice. Time is short, so I will explain as best I ca…” – Alice

“Okay, I agree.” – Val

“Ehh? I…uh…I haven’t really said anything yet.” – Alice

This bit is meant to show that Valentina will do anything for a beautiful person however I believe she actually does this because like I said before DA and Alice are working together. So she knew that Alice was coming and what she was going to ask her and, because Val is Val, she just hastily agrees so she doesn’t have to waste time.

“I will not refuse your request. However, in return, you shall be mine.” – Val

“Uhh… that’s… well… sorry. I… have to help Faria and her people, in order to protect this world.” – Alice

I put this part in here just because I find it amusing. I can only assume that when DA Alice and Val were talking they set up a plan and what everyone would get and because of Alice’s reaction this is a new addition that Val wants.

“Huh? Really? Well… thank you. There’s a… thing that I’m pursuing. However, to catch this thing I require the help of the lords of this world. So, I wanted to ask you, and the other monarchs, for help.” – Alice

“I see. If that’s what you desire, it would be best to hold a conference of all seven kings. I have a trade relationship with Leginus, the mechanical city. I will try to make contact with them. How does that sound? – Val

Alice is referring to Blazer (we assume); however, up until now, she has not mentioned this once again. I believe she says all of this so that there could be witnesses. It’s hard to believe that a girl would come to a queen like Val and she would go out of her way to suggest a meeting of everyone and that she would get Machina to come along. Like I said earlier, I believe all of these detail had already been worked out between the three of them and they did all of this so that it would not seem odd.

Valentina’s desire had become a deeper feeling. Her desire was only for the meeting. Her love, however…

“It’s just as you said. Alice came today.” – Val

“So? What will you do?” – DA

“Isn’t it obvious? I will rule. As intended.” – Val

“I see… well good luck with that.” – DA

This conversation shows that DA was already at the castle with Val and that DA knew Alice would come this day which makes sense because DA and Alice are working together. Val knows what the final goal is here and what all is going to happen that is why when DA asks what she will do she says she will rule. She knows she will get all these new powers because of DA’s ability and DA just says good luck because she probably doesn’t care. Her and Alice’s agenda is to take the the primogenitor and gain his position as being the Watcher of all the worlds.

To be continued… in Part 3!

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? is a 5 part series by Justin Moyer. It is a FoWHub exclusive column dissecting the role of Alice in the Force of Will Lore. 


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