Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 5

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 5 concludes Justin’s 5 part piece to determine whether she is here to save or destroy the world and everything around here. Disclaimer, the facts from this is article are for the most part referring only to the story and comic saga they have released. So without further ado, let’s continue!

Part 5


In the time since his last battle, something strange had happened to Blazer. He still fought, but his movements were odd, as though he lost all reason, as if his movements were not his own. Faria realized someone must be controlling the creature, and that was making Blazer’s actions sloppy. Confident in her friends and herself, she maintained a calm composure – Narrator

This is a big note! Why the narrator telling us this is could mean a few things. The most logical thinking Alice isn’t a bad person is that Blazer was in fact defeated by Alice on the other world and at the minutes before Blazer died the primogenitor took control of him and made him go to a different world to escape and now he is controlling blazer to try and best Alice once again. HOWEVER I believe that on the other world they were in Alice did in fact beat Blazer and she is actually controlling him. This could be why there has been no instances where people spotted him. Alice has been saving the body until the riht time and now that everyone has gathered she presents a common enemy for them to believe her more and to draw out the primogenitor in order for everyone to be on her side. Once again she is doing all of this to take the primogenitors spot as rulers of all worlds. Having been defeated by Alice and blazer not acting of his own the primogenitor would have to stop her. Thus providing Alice with a bunch of allies who would the think the primogenitor was actually evil and securing her spot on their side while fighting.

Blazer was a creature that had abandoned everything for power. His clan, his world, all was sacrificed when he sought power from the Primogenitor. It seems in the intervening time between his last encounter with Alice, the Primogenitor had taken from Blazer, the only thing he had left. His own mind – Narrator

The narrator kind of squashes the theory that alice may be controlling blazer however only slightly. The narrator states that the primogenitor took blazers mind because blazer was just after the primogenitors power. What if it wasn’t blazer trying to take the primogenitors power at all however. What if Alice had been controlling blazer ever since the begginging and that is just the way it appears to be. She could have taken control of him and made him do all these things where it appears as though all he wants is power due to the fact that Alice herself only wants more power. This connects with what I have said before about Alice trying to take the primogenitors power and role in these worlds.

However, it seems destiny had something else in mind today. Before Blazer’s attack could reach Alice, strange black globules formed in the sky, shaped themselves into dozens of spears and sped towards Blazer. Effortlessly puncturing him over and over. His body fell to the ground, whatever remained of his mind fading from his body.

And then the assailant appeared. Clad in black garbs that seemed to draw in the surrounding light.

So the biggest question that comes from this is WHY? Why would “dark alice” protect alice if later it seems like she is there to destroy everything. Well the answer is easy and is explained more later in the article. They are both Alice. They are born of the same person. They try to show a distinction between light and dark however I believe that just because someone is dark doesn’t mean they are evil and vice versa with light.

“I don’t know why you had so much trouble with him. Are [you] sure you’re really [me]?” Dark Alice

This shows that Dark Alice knows they are one in the same person.

“So there’s nothing left of him then? Pathetic. All that was left is an empty shell. Looks like someone erased everything so there’d be nothing for us to use.” Dark Alice

To this point we are unsure what exactly Dark alice is aware of. Wether she knows of the primogenitor or not. But by her saying someone if she is aware of the primogenitor it would seem like she is implying someone else meaning Alice. This could be the “dark side” of her throwing out clues to try and irritate Alice.

”If the Alice you know is a champion of light, then I am the Alice you shall know as the champion of dark. Everyone, I bid you hello… and goodbye.” DA

The important part of this quote is the first word. IF. It seems like the two alice are working together and DA is the alice that is trying to be more of a hint dropper and comedianish. So the only way she is dark alice is due to the fact that she said it herself and it wasn’t truly by her actions yet.

“Hello there everyone, would you please be good and feed yourselves to my cute little Schrödinger?” DA

So from this we see that Schrodinger the cat eats peoples powers and steals them. What a wonderful tool for someone who is trying to take over the primogenitors spot. If I am correct I believe both alice’s are working together and schrodinger is the way the can steal powers and then gain those powers to use them for when they come up against the primogenitor.

The girl in twilight garb, the Dark Alice, had set a perfect trap. Dark Alice had managed to envelop Yggdrasil and the surrounding area in a barrier of shadow. It’s unusual otherworldly power sapped the strength of the regalia.

Perfect trap? Well we know that DA was working with Valentina from when Alice went and visited her and it can be assumed from the TTW set that once all the powers were taken by schrodinger they were given to Val. I believe that Alice and DA set this up and promised Val that she could have the powers that way once the primogenitor shows up they would be able to have another ally on their side. It would make sense to have another ally that would be able to use all of the powers instead of having to try and get the 7 kings to work together to defeat the primogenitor.

“Don’t worry Alice, I’m only here to grant your wish. We want the same thing. We’re practically the same person after all, hahaha!” -DA

“You’re a survivor from Earth?  Why do you…who are you?” -Alice

“I’m you, I’m you! Can’t you see? I’m here to kill him in your place!” -DA

“You’re my…no, it can’t be…” – Alice

“Oh ho! You remember! Well done, well done! You saw it too, you saw it! When Earth died, you saw what happened! Ah but let’s focus on the here and now, shall we? Please die so my cat can eat you up!” -DA

Finally the cats out of the bag and DA is speaking the truth! At first she says she is there for the same reason Alice is which later then she says it’s to kill “him” the primogenitor. This for shows that DA isn’t all that evil because she wants the same thing as Alice or does it mean that Alice isn’t as good as everyone believes she is to be. Alice remembers something here about them both coming from Earth however they don’t go into details about it. It’s safe to assume that due to the destruction of Earth DA was born from Alice in some way. Even though it seems as though Alice is shocked to see DA I believe this is all a ruse still for some purpose. Like I said in the beginning the primogenitor could want Alice for other reasons and because he may be watching they have to put on this skit.

Something this large and powerful would have required a lot of preparation. She would’ve had to have known we were meeting here…which means…” Faria’s mind raced in fear as she desperately tried to get a handle on the situation

Faria finally is putting the pieces of the puzzle together…sort of. This is why Alice and DA needed Val. They needed her to take the fall for them so that the kings wouldn’t think Alice was the mastermind.

“Valentina! You did this didn’t you?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m trying to concentrate on the fight, you know.”

“You really think that can fool me? This is all your fault, isn’t it! If this world dies, so do you! Are you insane?”

“For once you’re right, little queen. That’s why I decided to take steps necessary to protect this world.”

It was becoming increasingly obvious the Dark Alice’s soldiers had no interest in fighting Valentina.

Faria then confronts Val about it and Val admits that she is correct. Its important to note here that Val says she is doing this in order to protect the world, which is what DA and Alice has told her, which is why she is so eager to help them. Val knows what is about to happen to the other 7 kings and of course she doesn’t want anything to happen to her so they had told her she could rule this world and protect it.

Alice, dumbfounded that something that appeared to be her shadow had appeared and caused such calamity, stood as if paralyzed.

Once again, this acting that Alice has is stop on. The reason she is standing still is so she doesn’t get mixed up in the combat. If she was truly good then she would be fighting with everyone else. Im pretty sure if your world got blown up it qwould take more than this to completely papralyze you.

“Faria, I…I’ll fight too. I don’t know what’s going on…but…we can’t let her win.” -Alice

“No, Alice, listen to me. You’re the only one that can save our world from him. You know more about the true danger than anyone else. If you die, our world dies too. Anyway, you promised didn’t you? You said you’d tell my sister about Wonderland, didn’t you? Sorry Alice, I can’t allow you to die here.” -Faria

“But Faria, you’ll–!” Alice was interrupted by Faria, a forced smile on her face. -Alice

“Excalibur, I’m entrusting the last of my power to you. Please, take Alice to the lake where you first came to me. Alice…take good care of my sister.”– Faria

“Faria! Stop, please!”

A powerful light burst forth from Excalibur, enveloping Alice. It just barely managed to cut through the shadow covering the sky, carrying Alice to safety

Then Alice gets an extra piece of the puzzle without even having to do anything. Faria willingly gives up Excalibur to Alice. She then is whisked away without having to worry any more about putting on a show for the kings. Wether or not this was planned in DA and Alice’s master plan I am not sure however I have a feeling it wasn’t. It could be that Alice possibly wanted to stay there to meet with DA after everything went down and because of this she can’t and that’s why she tells Faria to stop.

After this Faria, Melgis, Machina, Rezzard, Arla are all eaten  by Schrodinger and their powers absorbed and then given to Val. At the end of this story you see that Evwerything has gone to plan with the exception of Alice being sent to the lake where she first met Faria. Val has her power to “protect” her world, Dark Alice has gotten rid of the 7 kings and taken their powers, and Alice now has Excalibur and the seven kings powers are in one person. Throughout the story I believe it shows Alice being being the true villain of this story. Wether or not you see it this way you can’t dispute the facts that I have put here. AS always I would love to hear from everyone their thoughts on this and send us your comments!

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? is a 5 part series by Justin Moyer. It is a FoWHub exclusive column dissecting the role of Alice in the Force of Will Lore. 


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