Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 4

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 4 continues Justin’s 5 part piece to determine whether she is here to save or destroy the world and everything around here. Disclaimer, the facts from this is article are for the most part referring only to the story and comic saga they have released. So without further ado, let’s continue!

Part 4

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for! The conference with the 7 kings is about to begin. This starts off with Faria and Alice heading to Yggdrasil to the meeting spot and then they end up running into Pricia.

Mu, mu, mugyuu.” –Alice

This doesn’t have anything to do with Alice being the destroyer of worlds however I found this line amusing. Alice says it after she gets trampled by Pricia’s beasts heading to the summit. In Japanese mugyuu means squeezing or hug so she is basically saying hu-hu-hug or squ-squ-squeeze. Random fun facts!

”Yeah, they’re all doing pretty well. But recently it seems like the entire world is kind of noisy, like something is going to happen soon. When I told everyone that I would come here alone, the Four Sacred Beasts insisted they come with me, they thought it was dangerous.” – Pricia

Arla and Pricia seem have to have the same senses about dangers of the world. Now normally you would think this is due to the person Alice has been talking about coming to the world, Blazer or primogenitor however there has not been any reports about them doing anything in this world. The only person who has actively done anything in this world that shouldn’t be there is Alice. The more she interacts with the world it would seem the more her presence is sensed by Arla and Pricia and also the 4 sacred beasts.

Alice pouted as she replied. It seemed that she was destined to always get mixed up with strange characters, though she hadn’t imagined such a fate would have managed to find her in a world so far from her own.

This comes from the narrator of the story. Which going off topic I believe is Grimm only because Eiji announced in his video for moonlight savior that they would be returning to Grimm. If this coming from the narrator is true, then it could be possible to Alice hasn’t connected the pieces together that she is causing these worlds to go into decline. We should also remember that Alice doesn’t seem to be effected by time because of the fact that after 10 years she is still the same. Which if that it is the case we must realize that it is widely believed that Alice from her own book, is only 7 years old. Being reminded of this it makes sense that she wouldn’t understand the concept of her destroying the worlds and why whenever she talks to people they always seem to trust her. Who doesn’t trust a little kid? On the flip side, she could be aware of all these facts and if she is in fact evil using all of this to her advantage.

”You’re thinking something depressing again, aren’t you, Alice?” – Faria

“Eh? Am I making a weird expression?” – Alice

”Hehe, no, nothing like that. I just get that kind of feeling.” Faria

”Your feelings are always way too accurate, it’s creepy.” – Alice

This is a conversation between Alice and Faria and Faria knows something is up. This is right after they meet Pricia for the first time. This could show a few different things. Alice could be realizing that her plan is finally coming together and she is feeling remorse that everyone that is gathering is either going to get hurt or die in some way. Alice also had an older sister that we shouldn’t forget about and it could be that Faria is reminding Alice of her sister in the way she is helping her. Regardless, it shows that Alice is thinking of her past in some way.

”The reason I came to this world is because I was chasing someone. I guess I’d better start from the beginning. Well, first I’d better explain about that guy. I was born on a world called Earth. But that world is…gone now. That guy, the one I’m chasing, he destroyed everything. My home, my planet. I’m not sure what his reasons are, but that guy, he had some kind of power that changed space and time. He absorbed the power of my world and compressed it into an object. One of his regalia is all that remains of Earth. But he didn’t completely succeed, there were various things he couldn’t absorb and compress with his power. People who escaped into other dimensions, like me, and things that were impossible to warp with his power. Things like the memories from my world, that’s why they are manifesting here.”

This is a huge breakthrough confirming that Alice is in fact destroying worlds herself. In this she says herself that “he” had power to change space and time and “he” absorbed the power of her world. Alice has the power to move through space and time. I believe as I have stated before that Blazer had come to Earth in order to stop Alice from destroying her world. Whether or not she knew she was the reason it was getting destroyed is still a point that is hard to prove however. She comments on the fact that other people escaped to other dimensions however as we have seen from the comic, Lancelot and Gawain were both transported by Alice. This somewhat proves that when she is talking about this story she is referring to herself as “him”. One thing also to back up that Blazer came to earth to stop Alice is his actual card in the TCG. His cards says he can not flip unless another J-Ruler is flipped which mean Blazer is a reactive character. Meaning that the only way he would do something is if someone did something first. Proving my point that Alice’s world was not in fact being destroyed by Blazer but Blazer came to Earth to stop Alice.

“Whether he was hunting me down because I’m a survivor from Earth, or he came to that world for some other reason, I’m not sure. But I managed to best him, and he was forced to flee.” – Alice

Alice says this about Blazer and she remakes she can’t remember if he was hunting her because she was a survivor of earth trying to get more sympathy for the fact her planet is destroyed. However this hints at the fact that blazer was sent after Alice aka sent after her to stop her from causing any more damage in another world. It is also notable that when Blazer came that that world earth had already been destroyed and she was somewhere else. Which that could have been Grimm’s world and the only reason it didn’t get destroyed was because Alice chased after Blazer hoping to get to the primogenitor.

“That’s the guy I followed here! That’s Blazer! Man, he’s really persistent. Hey! Don’t you know when to give up?” Alice shouted to the distant figure in frustration.

Alice says this and this doesn’t sound like a hero’s remark. She says don’t you know when to give up as if she has already won knowing she has the 7 kings together. This arrogance could in other animes and shows similar to this series always comes from the villain of the show. The hero is usually the one who got beat and is trying to rise back to power.


To be continued… in Part 5!

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? is a 5 part series by Justin Moyer. It is a FoWHub exclusive column dissecting the role of Alice in the Force of Will Lore. 


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