Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? Part 1

In this excursion, I am going to take you on we will be exploring the possibility that Alice the supposed savior of worlds is not a savior at all and is, in fact, Alice, the Destroyer of Worlds. This will be a 5 part dive into the storyline of the Seven Kings that they have brought out so far along with a connection to the comic. Disclaimer, my facts from this is article are for the most part referring only to the story and comic saga they have released. So without further ad0, Lets goooooo!

Part 1

We find out early on that Lars, Faira’s brother, has gone off to find a cure for his sister, Charlotte at Vell Savaria. In this section of the story, Lars goes missing due to the fact that Vell Savaria is on the other side of Certo and Faria fears the worst. In her mourning, she goes off to a lake and meets Alice and they have the following conversation:

“So what do you think you should do?”- Alice

“Protect the home he will come back to, but I…as a Queen I…” – Faria

“I think it’s great to have a place to come home to. I don’t have a place like that, and I regret not being able to protect my home. All I can say is trust in those who trust in you.”– Alice

“Who—are you?” -Faria

“Sorry I need to get going, see you later. I know you can do it, I believe in you. -Alice

This conversation is the first time that Faria meets Alice and Alice plants a small seed in Faria’s mind. She tells Faria to trust in those who trust in you, and then ends her conversation by saying that she believes in Faria. From here, Alice disappears and it will be 10 years before Alice comes back; however, in the time in between, she is spotted several times:

  1. Sightings of a strange girl flying through the sky.
  2. Reports from soldiers who were being assailed by a dragon that were saved by a mysterious young warrior.
  3. Reports from wounded soldiers who fell during their return to the castle being saved by a young female priest with powerful healing magic.
  4. Today, a soldiers report of a girl with an almost dream-like object summoning some kind of small soldier.

I believe these sightings are very important for my theory of Alice. This happens over a 10 year period. During this whole time, you only her of reports of Alice and no one else. This is key due to the fact that later on Alice says she followed Blazer to this world and there has been no trace of Blazer in this world, which doesn’t make sense if Blazer is what Alice claims he is. After all these sightings, like I have said, 10 years has past and Melgis and Faria are at each others throats once again.

The wind danced around her, a powerful healing magic had enveloped the queen, and next to her stood a most curious looking girl.

Alice comes in and saves the day like a hero should. Or, so it would seem. The only reason that Alice saves Faria is for the fact that she needs Farias powers for later on in the story and to help her conquer the Primogenitor, which I will explain later. After this, Melgis makes a hasty retreat.

“Something is coming soon. A long time ago, I only happened upon this world by chance. That I should return to this world, I wonder…is this destiny?” – Alice

“But you haven’t changed at all. There’s a lot I need to know, but do you think you could answer my question from that day? My name is Faria, Queen of Gloria, who are you?” – Faria

And after ten years the mysterious girl finally answered.

“My name is Alice, nice to meet you.” – Alice

After Melgis has gone, Alice tells faria that she has returned to this world. It’s odd because it would seem she had never left this world and, if she did in fact leave the world, then that means she can control where she travels. Then, she goes on to say it’s destiny that she is back in this world. She completely contradicts herself I feel by saying this. The only explanation I have is that once again she is saying these lines just to get Faria to believe in her and fight on her side.  Faria realizes something strange though. The girl she met 10 years ago is standing in front of her completely unchanged. The fact that she hasn’t changed at all makes you wonder what kind of powers Alice truly has and how much she is hiding in order to get Faria on her side.

To be continued… in Part 2!

Alice: Savior or Destroyer of the Seven Lands? is a 5 part series by Justin Moyer. It is a FoWHub exclusive column dissecting the role of Alice in the Force of Will Lore. 


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