Curse of the Frozen Casket Preview #7


Spoilers by Ruben Sanchez and Mike Likes


Welcome to our seventh article reviewing the officially spoiled cards of the Curse of the Frozen Casket!  Most of you guys hear us talking about spoilers on The Imperishable Podcast but with this article Mike Likes and myself will be going a little more in depth on the cards being spoiled.  We will discuss these cards as they relate to Limited play (Sealed or Draft) and Constructed play (currently how they relate to cards in the Alice Cluster format).  

Our system uses number ratings to gauge how well WE think the cards will perform in Limited and Constructed play.  Ruben will list the pros and cons for each card and give his thoughts and rating on the card for Limited play.  Mike will give his thoughts on the card and rating for Constructed play.

How Our Rating System Works

5.0:  Format All-Star.  This card is a total Bomb card.  For those that aren’t familiar with this term, it basically means this card will win you the game if left unchecked for a turn or two.  These cards tend to be hard to defend against and can turn a game around in a hurry.  Some cards that are bombs in limited may only be a mediocre card in constructed play.

4.0:  Format Staple.  This card is great.  It can be played in multiple decks and will have an impact on the game every time.  These cards can change a game quickly, get you back in the game, or shift the tempo of the game.  These cards are usually vulnerable to some type of removal (or are a removal spell themselves), but they they make up the majority of cards found in major tournament decks.

3.0:  Archetype Staple.  These are generally good cards, and many of them will be the majority of cards found in a tribal deck.  Cards in this category are usually similar to other (higher-ranked) cards but cost 1 Will more or or have a drawback in some manner.  In Limited play, these are the majority of your deck.

2.0:  Niche Card.  These cards serve are very narrow function and are usually meant for your sideboard.  They could be removal spells that only remove 1 type of card, or cards with mediocre stats that have an ability that helps against opponents playing a certain Attribute.  In Limited play, these cards are put in your deck if you have no other options and need the card to reach your 20-card minimum deck size.  For Constructed play, you will rarely play this card unless it’s from your sideboard or you want to be “cute”.

1.0:  Will Rarely See Play.  The worst of the worst.  These cards are rarely played (if they’re played at all).  These cards generally have bad stats, cost too much Will, or have basically no impact on the game when they’re played.  Overall stay away from this card if possible.

And now, on to the cards…

Crea, Musician of Wind


Limited:  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Great synergy with the new Fiethsing Ruler.
  • Low ATK value.
  • Searching is great.
  • No evasion.
  • Buffs fellow Elves.
  • Good stats for cost.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Crea definitely has a home in any dedicated elf deck.  Currently in the Alice Cluster, there are 2 1-drop elves, and 2 more are being released in Curse of the Frozen Casket, so there’s a decent amount of targets for Crea to search for when she enters play.  And, her second ability to give a boost to a target Elf by resting a recovered elf can be done on the by resting the 1-drop Elf she searched for (if it’s put into play).

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card will benefit more with Elves in play and using the new Elf Ruler. The stats on this card are good for its cost. If anything it will be a good three drop and it can buff itself in a Tribal deck. It will see play in both Formats.

Sorceress of Heavenly Wind, Melfee


Limited:  4.5  (🌟🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Good combat trick.
  • Low ATK value.
  • Good stats for cost.
  • Ramp=win faster.
  • Quickcast.
  • Can be used for any color will.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  The new Melfee is a great card.  The one thing that bothers me is the wording of her automatic ability.  Force of Will needs to learn to template cards better so they are less confusing to new players.  When you first read the ability, it’s fairly easy to forget that it only happens if this is at least the second card you’ve played this turn.  I understand that the main design for the game is done in Japanese and the cards are then translated into English, but something needs to be done in situations like this one where the condition to play the card comes after the effect.  This is a prime example where the ability could have read:  “[Torrent] If you played two or more cards this turn, when this card enters your field ⇒ Prevent all damage…”.  Making simple changes like this would make the game easier for everyone and doesn’t change the way the card works.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card will see heavy play. Protecting your J/Resonator is great if you can meet the condition. The ability to Quickcast this Elf is amazing. Also the ability to rest this Elf for any color will is just incredible. Most green decks will be playing this card. Do not be surprised if this is a 3-4 of in Constructed decks. Ramp is a big deal in any format.

Heavenly Gust


Limited:  2.0 (🌟🌟)

  • Great card when played with Torrent.
  • The wording on the card is confusing.
  • Addition hate.
  • Will only affect Additions in Lapis limited.
  • Quickcast.
  • No Regalia reported in Lapis Cluster.
  • Cheap.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  This is another good card with a Torrent ability that makes it great.  It is conditional though, relying on your opponent to be playing Additions or Regalia, so keep in mind that this may be a dead card in your hand at times.  Heavenly Gust is another card that could have used some cleaning up of its text before being printed.  We can all figure out what it does, but isn’t simpler if it said:  “Destroy target addition or regalia.  [Torrent] Destroy all additions and regalia your opponent controls instead.”?

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will see play mainly from the sideboard unless heavy additions will be played in this format. Regalia won’t see play in Lapis Cluster based on what was told to the community by FoW. The fact it is Quickcast helps this card in Limited as well. In Constructed this card will see heavy play as a sideboard card for decks running mainly Wind. The banning of Reflect/Refrain will not keep players from using this card. The potential for this card to be a board wipe for Regalia/Additions makes me happy.

Secluded Elven Village, Amonsulle


Limited:  4.0 (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Great in an Elf deck.
  • If only it gave +200/+200…
  • Great in non-Elf decks.
  • Your J/Resonators gain the ability to block Flying J/Resonators.
  • Cheap.
  • Versatile.
  • Evasion hate vs. your opponent’s Flying resonators.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Another card that is well-suited for an Elf deck, but actually works well in other decks also.  I think this card is quite good.  Any time I can make it so that my Resonators can’t be attacked, I like it.  Add to that fact that my J/resonators can block J/resonators with Flying makes this card very playable.  No longer will I get blown out if my opponent plays a Flying resonator while I’m playing a strategy that attacks on the ground.   And, if this is in an Elf deck, your guys just get harder and harder to kill.  This card is solid.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card is really good. I expect this card to be seen in both Elf and Non-Elf decks. It makes your non-flyers able to block anything in the sky. If the opponent has Flying J/Resonators, they can’t attack your resonators. This is just insane. I love this card. Expect it to see play.

Wiseman of Amonsulle


Limited:  2.0 (🌟🌟)

  • Filters for any Elf.
  • Reliant on playing lots of Elves.
  • Synergy with Elves.
  • Low stats.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  This card is at home in a deck packed with Elf Resonators.  When he enters play, if you’re able to find another Elf, you should be happy. If not, you just go a mediocre resonator for 2 will.  This card could be a key player if you’re looking for a specific Elf that’s part of some combo.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed the power of this card is dependent of the Elves in your deck. The stats are not great enough to warrant playing this card if not. It would be a filler if anything else if playing Limited. I only see this card seeing play in Tribal decks.

Favorable Winds


Limited:  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Great at ramping your Will production.
  • Reliant on playing non-special wind magic stones.
  • Pricey for not having the stones come in unrested.
  • Not Quickcast.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Finally a good way to ramp up your magic stone production.  This card will see a lot of play in Wind decks that want to ramp up their will production and drop high-costing cards.  It’ll also see play in decks that want to play multiple cards each turn.  This is a welcomed spell that I’ve been waiting to see.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will see heavy play since ramp is always a good problem to have. The ability to be ahead of your opponent in stones is a recipe for success. Most limited decks will run mainly basic stones. Great card. In Constructed this card will see some play as well. Ramp is key to win fast and be efficient. If this card had Quickcast I would be happier but it is a pretty good card if you are playing a good ratio of basic stones vs. special magic stones.

Red Riding Hood


Limited:  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Great mid-game card.
  • Low stats if you have less than 5 magic stones.
  • Evasion added once conditions met.
  • Gain stone at its demise.
  • Fairy Tale themed.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  5.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Red Riding Hood is a powerhouse in the mid to late game.  However, I wouldn’t be afraid to play her in the early game either, because, while she is vulnerable with her low stats, if she dies I get to put a magic stone into play (rested) which helps out any other Red’s I might play later on.  She’s definitely an all-star.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will shine. It will give you a stone if it dies and becomes more powerful mid-late game. The stats gained seems almost absurd. If you can find a way to buff Red Riding Hood-watch out!  Good card. In Constructed this card will be elite in a Fairy Tale deck naturally but the ability it has later in the game will benefit you. If nothing else it is a two drop rested stone spell. Will be played.

Magic Stone Analysis


Limited:  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Helps with color fixing.
  • Doesn’t play well with dual-stones.
  • Stone enters non-rested.
  • Cheap.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This is the type of will-ramping card I’ve really been wanting.  It’s cost is good, being a 2-drop.  The fact that the stone you put into play enters recovered (not rested) is huge.  This is the type of card that Torrent has been looking for.  I’m sure this card will also be played in decks that are just splashing for Wind as a means to further the number of stones they get into play and to get the edge on their opponent.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and in Constructed the ability to fix your will is just as important as your ability to cast resonators. This card is strong in both formats. If you add the effect that the stone doesn’t come in rested, it shines even more. The only part I don’t like is that it states “non-special magic stone”. Perhaps it would be too powerful. Great card.

Elf of the Gusty Hill


Limited:  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Good stats.
  • No evasion.
  • Cheap.
  • Tribal themed.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  While this Elf doesn’t have any special abilities, she will see a lot of play.  Her stats are great for a 1-drop.  Also, since she’s an Elf, there are lots of ways to give stat bonuses to Elves.  She only costs 1 will, so casting her along with another card in a turn will trigger Fiethsing’s ability to produce Elf tokens, as well as triggering Torrent.  So, as you can see, she has multiple uses and I expect to see her played a lot.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card will be insane if played with Fiethsing. The cheap cost plus the potential synergy is just too much. My only knock on this card is the lack of evasion. If you don’t have many Elves, this card will still see play in a Wind deck. In Constructed I foresee a Tribal Weenie Deck being played. You can make your Elves so powerful with all the cards out currently in CFC. Expect to see an Elf deck for sure.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article and please feel free to comment below and share what your rating is and why. Please be respectful and we look forward to bringing more articles your way!