Curse of the Frozen Casket Preview #4

Spoilers by Ruben Sanchez and Mike Likes


Welcome to our fourth article reviewing the officially spoiled cards of the Curse of the Frozen Casket!  Most of you guys hear us talking about spoilers on The Imperishable Podcast but with this article Mike Likes and myself will be going a little more in depth on the cards being spoiled.  We will discuss these cards as they relate to Limited play (Sealed or Draft) and Constructed play (currently how they relate to cards in the Alice Cluster format).  

Our system uses number ratings to gauge how well WE think the cards will perform in Limited and Constructed play.  Ruben will list the pros and cons for each card and give his thoughts and rating on the card for Limited play.  Mike will give his thoughts on the card and rating for Constructed play.

How Our Rating System Works

5.0:  Format All-Star.  This card is a total Bomb card.  For those that aren’t familiar with this term, it basically means this card will win you the game if left unchecked for a turn or two.  These cards tend to be hard to defend against and can turn a game around in a hurry.  Some cards that are bombs in limited may only be a mediocre card in constructed play.

4.0:  Format Staple.  This card is great.  It can be played in multiple decks and will have an impact on the game every time.  These cards can change a game quickly, get you back in the game, or shift the tempo of the game.  These cards are usually vulnerable to some type of removal (or are a removal spell themselves), but they they make up the majority of cards found in major tournament decks.

3.0:  Archetype Staple.  These are generally good cards, and many of them will be the majority of cards found in a tribal deck.  Cards in this category are usually similar to other (higher-ranked) cards but cost 1 Will more or or have a drawback in some manner.  In Limited play, these are the majority of your deck.

2.0:  Niche Card.  These cards serve are very narrow function and are usually meant for your sideboard.  They could be removal spells that only remove 1 type of card, or cards with mediocre stats that have an ability that helps against opponents playing a certain Attribute.  In Limited play, these cards are put in your deck if you have no other options and need the card to reach your 20-card minimum deck size.  For Constructed play, you will rarely play this card unless it’s from your sideboard or you want to be “cute”.

1.0:  Will Rarely See Play.  The worst of the worst.  These cards are rarely played (if they’re played at all).  These cards generally have bad stats, cost too much Will, or have basically no impact on the game when they’re played.  Overall stay away from this card if possible.

And now, on to the cards…

Umr at-Tawil, Master of 1000 Keys / Yog-Sothoth, the Chaos of 1000 Doors

DiamondStarsOfCosmicLight QuazarsShineThroughEndlessNights

Limited:  4.0 (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Energize.
  • When performing Judgment, X must be large enough to be worth 500 life.
  • Flexible Judgment cost.
  • End of Turn ability affects both players’ Resonators and only affects ones that cost exactly the same cost as the number of Limit counters.
  • Good stats.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  Removal (albeit conditional) and a nice set of stats make this a pretty good J-Ruler.  And the fact that you can perform his Judgment multiple times means you’ll always have a way to get rid of your opponent’s most dangerous Resonators.  I think this will be amazing to play against any Fairies deck.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this guy is amazing. How many 1500/1500 J-Rulers can you think of? This ruler can be a good way to put immediate pressure onto the field. If you flip this guy turn 3+ he will be a headache. The fact you can re-use his ability once you run out of Limit counters just adds to the value. I really like this J-Ruler! In Constructed I can see this guy being a ticking time bomb vs your opponent. He could come out of nowhere and swing for lethal especially if you give him Flying and Swiftness. Just be wary of the BMB (Black Moonbeam) being cast and you should be just fine. This guy can help be a pseudo board wipe. Losing 500 life seems kind of meh especially since there are plenty of ways to gain life in Constructed. Good ruler. He will see play.

An Encounter with Cthulhu


Limited:  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

  • Can be a one-sided effect.
  • Gives the opponent their choice of which Resonator they banish.
  • Quickcast.
  • Cheap cost to remove a potential threat.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card is an all-star in any Cthulhu-based deck.  If you have only Cthulhu Resonators in play when you play this, you’re basically telling your opponent to banish a Resonator while you do nothing.  This card will be played a lot, but the fact that your opponent chooses the resonator they banish means that this card will never reach that 5.0 rating.  Be wary of playing this against a token-based deck (if FoW gives us enough tools to play a full-on token deck).

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card can be pretty good if you are playing Cthulhu cards. I think with L1 they plan to unleash them a bit more so the value of this card will increase. It has Quickcast so it could get pretty dangerous if you are running tribal Cthulhu. I like this good. It is good. Could be great in the right deck.

Resonance of Madness


Limited:  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Unconditional removal spell.
  • Needs a Resonator you don’t mind banishing to use.
  • Cheap.
  • Not Quickcast.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Basically with this card you’re destroying your opponent’s best Resonator at the cost of your worst Resonator and a card from your hand (this card).  So, while it’s not the most efficient removal spell, it is still a good one.  This card should see a lot of play, especially since it only costs 1 will and can be splashed for.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited, removal is hard to come by and if you have any it can change the tide of a game. This card is very good. If an opponent has a big threat and you know that blocking with a weak resonator will just kill it, this makes the trade well worth it. If this card had Quickcast I would love it even more. In Constructed expect to see this card being played since it just costs B. If they combo this with a resonator that gives them graveyard benefits-this card will add value. Good card. I really like it.

Creature from Chaos


Limited:  3.5 (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Great blocker.
  • Low stats = Burn target.
  • Cheap.
  • Makes the opponent think about attacking with J/Resonator.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This guy is great in any deck that wants to slow the game down.  Creature from Chaos will surely be a staple in any control deck that has access to Darkness will.  Since his stats are so low though, he is a pretty easy target for any burn spell.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card will be good. It puts your opponent on notice on how they deal combat or when to attack or block. If you can make it stronger, opponents will have to chump block just so they don’t lose their best resonator or their J-Ruler. I like this as a deterrent.

Azathoth, Hunter of Reality


Limited:  1.5 (🌟½)

  • Stays in play through most effects.
  • High Will cost to play.
  • Can destroy a J-Ruler when he attacks or blocks.
  • Could be costly if opponent slows the game down after this has been played.
  • Great stats.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  1.0  (🌟)

(Mike):  I’m not a fan of this card and don’t think it will see any major play.  It simply costs too much will.  However FoW has hinted that there may be a way to play this card for less than 8 will, so if there is, it is possible that this card’s rating might go up.  Only time will tell.  For now though, this guy is unplayable.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this guy may never be played. If this card gets played, you should win the game or it will put you in position to win. In Constructed I see this card being part of a reanimator theme. The cost is very high at 6BB to be cast effectively without ramp and other help. Card can be game changer for sure.

The Gate of the Silver Key


Limited:  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

  • Multiple effects mean this card isn’t useless when one effect no longer applies.
  • Judgment reduction is good but the other effect is overcosted for its discard ability.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card works really well with Umr at-Tawil, making the value of X 1 more than the amount of will you spend.  I also think it’s okay with other Rulers, but I don’t think it will see much competitive play.  The cost of a card from your hand (this card) to only get a quicker Judgment doesn’t seem worth it.  And it does have a secondary ability to make your opponent discard a card, but since it’s their choice of which card to discard, you can bet it will be their worst card at that moment.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card would see play especially with Yog-Sothoth, the Chaos of 1000 Doors. Mid to late game this addition could be pretty good. This can speed up when you judge in the game, so it has potential. In Constructed I see this card having the potential to do some work. Currently with the L1 rulers Yog benefits most from it. The discard effect is not that great but at least after judgment it is not a total waste. Will see play in a Yog deck if anything.

The Nameless Mist


Limited:  2.0 (🌟🌟)

  • Still gives a +100/+100 counter even if there’s no card that can be discarded.
  • Only able to pick a non-resonator card.
  • Cheap cost to see opponent’s hand.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This is another mediocre card at best.  If you could discard any card, this card would be much better (and likely cost more than 1 will), but it’s still a good way to get the knowledge of what is in your opponent’s hand even if you aren’t able to make them discard anything.  The fact that you get to put a +100/+100 counter on one of your Resonators is just gravy (an added bonus).

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card is okay. Most games are won with resonators swinging through with little to no help from chants.  It’s a good sideboard card and you can get +100/+100 counter on a resonator. In Constructed this card is better. The information you get for B is pretty good. You can maybe have the opponent discard a great chant like a BMB, a counter-spell, or a standby card. This card will see play. Good card.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article and please feel free to comment below and share what your rating is and why. Please be respectful and we look forward to bringing more articles your way!