Curse of the Frozen Casket Preview #3

Spoilers by Ruben Sanchez and Mike Likes


Welcome to our third article reviewing the officially spoiled cards of the Curse of the Frozen Casket!  Most of you guys hear us talking about spoilers on The Imperishable Podcast but with this article Mike Likes and myself will be going a little more in depth on the cards being spoiled.  We will discuss these cards as they relate to Limited play (Sealed or Draft) and Constructed play (currently how they relate to cards in the Alice Cluster format).  

Our system uses number ratings to gauge how well WE think the cards will perform in Limited and Constructed play.  Ruben will list the pros and cons for each card and give his thoughts and rating on the card for Limited play.  Mike will give his thoughts on the card and rating for Constructed play.

How Our Rating System Works

5.0:  Format All-Star.  This card is a total Bomb card.  For those that aren’t familiar with this term, it basically means this card will win you the game if left unchecked for a turn or two.  These cards tend to be hard to defend against and can turn a game around in a hurry.  Some cards that are bombs in limited may only be a mediocre card in constructed play.

4.0:  Format Staple.  This card is great.  It can be played in multiple decks and will have an impact on the game every time.  These cards can change a game quickly, get you back in the game, or shift the tempo of the game.  These cards are usually vulnerable to some type of removal (or are a removal spell themselves), but they they make up the majority of cards found in major tournament decks.

3.0:  Archetype Staple.  These are generally good cards, and many of them will be the majority of cards found in a tribal deck.  Cards in this category are usually similar to other (higher-ranked) cards but cost 1 Will more or or have a drawback in some manner.  In Limited play, these are the majority of your deck.

2.0:  Niche Card.  These cards serve are very narrow function and are usually meant for your sideboard.  They could be removal spells that only remove 1 type of card, or cards with mediocre stats that have an ability that helps against opponents playing a certain Attribute.  In Limited play, these cards are put in your deck if you have no other options and need the card to reach your 20-card minimum deck size.  For Constructed play, you will rarely play this card unless it’s from your sideboard or you want to be “cute”.

1.0:  Will Rarely See Play.  The worst of the worst.  These cards are rarely played (if they’re played at all).  These cards generally have bad stats, cost too much Will, or have basically no impact on the game when they’re played.  Overall stay away from this card if possible.


And now, on to the cards…


Zero, Six Sage of Light / Zero, Master of the Magic Saber

pagingdoctorcrime almostgotem

Limited:  3.5  (🌟🌟🌟½)

  • Ruler/J-Ruler side both have solid abilities to take advantage of.
  • None.   
  • Ability to have your opponent’s J/resonators be less effective is a plus.
  • Can prevent damage while battling. Very good.
  • Precision & Good stats.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.5  (🌟🌟🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  While I think the Ruler side of Zero is just okay, the J-Ruler side is incredible.  Her 1100/1100 stats are better than many other J-Rulers, and her her abilities are great.  Since she never takes damage in battle, the only way to get rid of her is with a Chant.  The fact that she takes away so many Symbol Skills (and makes it impossible to gain them while she’s in play) is the thing I love best about her.  If the activate abilities on her her Ruler side all utilized the same Attribute of will, she’d be a 5.0.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  This ruler in limited can be dangerous. If you play Light only cards this ruler can still flip for just WW. I am trying to find something really wrong with this card but I can’t. In Constructed I see this ruler being played. Players love built in chaos. The ability to take away your opponent’s effectiveness is something that cannot be overlooked. Real good ruler.

Zero’s Familiar


Limited:  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Good stats with evasion for cost.
  •  None.
  • Able to protect Zero.
  • Can be stronger if you play Zero.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card is amazing if Zero, Master of the Magic Saber is your J-Ruler.  It’s also really good if you have any other J-Ruler.  As long as Zero’s Familiar is in play, you have nothing to fear from Black Moonbeam (or a host of other cards that could damage your J-Ruler).  This card will definitely draw out a removal spell from your opponent if they have any plans at all of affecting your J-Ruler with spells or abilities.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card is amazing with Zero. It is also real good with any other ruler except you don’t get the buff. 500/500 and flying for 1W is solid and would see play. In Constructed, I see this card being played with Zero. It may be 2-4 of in a deck with Zero as the ruler. Barrier is a great thing to protect your ruler from Moonbeam.

Safeguard of the Light Palace


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • Destroys addition on ETB trigger
  • Nothing to powerful
  • Decent stats
  • I foresee better 3 drops to be played.
  • Can buff if needed
  • Underwhelming once you get past the destroy target addition ability.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  The automatic ability of this card to destroy an addition can be a nice effect, as long as your opponent has an Addition in play.  Be careful, though.  If your opponent doesn’t have an Addition in play and you do, you’ll have to target one of your Additions when this card comes into play.  This card is best used from the sideboard when you know your opponent is playing a lot of Additions.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card may seem some play from the side but other than that I don’t see this card doing much unless you need to fill slots with resonators. In Constructed I don’t anticipate this card being played at all. There are better addition hate cards out there and cheaper.

Zero’s Magic Light


Limited:  5.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • So far one of the best cards in Lapis.
  • None.   
  • Powerful removal for WW
  • Can cost W to cast if Zero is your ruler.
  • Quickcast.
  • Cheap.
  • Able to remove attacking/blocking resonator from the game.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  5.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Talk about powerful.  This card is absolutely amazing.  It allows you to attack with any Resonator you have with absolute impunity.  Imagine your opponent having Avatar of the Seven Lands, Alice in play with Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X.  They have a 1900/1900 blocker and are feeling pretty secure in the fact that they can block any threat you may present.  So if you attack and they block with Alice, simply play this card (and an additional 2 will due to Blade of the Seven Lands, Excalibur X) and your Resonator does damage to your opponent as if it were unblocked.  This card allows you to turn the tide of battle, which can be backbreaking to your opponent.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited and Constructed this card is powerful. The ability to remove any resonator from the game is powerful. It has quickcast. I cannot find anything wrong with this card. Very powerful. It will be played in a future control deck.

Pandora, the Hope Weaving Queen


Limited:  2.5 (🌟🌟½)

  • Decent stats for cost.
  • Wish it had some sort of evasion.
  • Makes Force’s ability stronger

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card looks like a fun card to play.  Force is an ability that’s tied directly to luck, so having this card in play allows you to cheat luck a little bit.  I wasn’t sold on the Force ability when I first saw it, but it’s beginning to grow on me, and cards like this help that happen.  Pandora will definitely eat a piece of my opponent’s removal if they don’t want my Force abilities taking over the game quickly.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben): In Limited this card could block for days with its big butt but would be a filler most of the time unless you are playing quite a bit of Force cards. In Constructed it will cater to Force heavy decks because there are better 2 drops in the game.

Pandora’s Mark of Hope


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • This card will see play.
  • Decent filler if you want a little extra.
  • The ability to make your resonator stronger in limited is always a bonus.
  • Will be cut most of the time.
  • Gaining life is never a bad thing.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  While I think this card will see some play, I’m not impressed by it.  The bonus it gives to a Bestowed Resonator is good, but for a 2-Will investment, it could be better.  The ability to gain life is just gravy on this card, since I’m usually not playing Resonators with the plan of having them go to the graveyard.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card may see play if your options are minimal. Bestowing a flying resonator with this Addition could be back-breaking. In Constructed, I do not see this card being played unless someone wants to be cute. More useful in Sealed or Draft.

Storytelling Bard


Limited:  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

  • Lifegain is never a bad thing.
  • Fairly weak late game.
  • Decent stats for cost.
  • No evasion

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  This deck likely has a home in a lifegain deck (using the newest Faria J-Ruler), and in that deck this card is a 3.0.  In all other decks, it’s a playable card but nothing to write home about.  It has fairly average stats for a 1-drop.  The main problem is that it becomes susceptible to being killed if you rest to gain life any time other than in your Draw phase.  Without some way to boost its stats, this card does nothing other than gain you 200 life each turn.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited this card is more of a filler than a staple in your deck. Lifegain is great but it won’t save you from bigger resonators. Decent card. In Constructed this will be better in a lifegain deck with new Faria. Overall, I don’t see this card being played other than a theme deck.

Pumpkin Carriage


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)  

  • The ability to pump up other tribal cards is a bonus.
  • Not much offense
  • Can make a surprise blocker even stronger.
  • More useful if you are running fairy tales.

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  I find this card to be pretty lackluster.  I can’t envision myself playing this card in my main deck unless it’s trying to combo with Heart Stirring Sage.  Even then, I’m using two Resonators to boost a third Resonator (which has to be a Fairy Tale), so it’s a scenario that probably wouldn’t happen too often.  Since it can effectively block most cards, the card isn’t useless, it’s just not impressive.  This card just screams “Meh” to me.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben): In Limited this card is a great blocker in the game and can help your other fairy tales. In Constructed this card may seem some play if someone has some fun interactions to manipulate this card. Be wary of the Heart Stirring Sage. In New Frontiers I can see some interaction with Granny by the Fireplace. Fun card but will be played in combo decks perhaps.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article and please feel free to comment below and share what your rating is and why. Please be respectful and we look forward to bringing more articles your way!