Curse of the Frozen Casket Preview #1

Spoilers by Ruben Sanchez and Mike Likes


Welcome to our inaugural spoiler article with  Most of you guys hear us talking about spoilers on The Imperishable Podcast but with this article Mike Likes and myself will be going a little more in depth on the cards being spoiled.  We will discuss the cards as they pertain to Limited (Sealed or Drafting) and Constructed (currently we will be using Alice Cluster format).  Once Lapis drops, we will just title it New Frontiers since Grimm Cluster will rotate out.  Down the road we may add our input to Wanderer/Wide format once Force of Will announces it.

We will explain our process a little bit so you can follow along at home or when you are out and about.  We will use number ratings to gauge what WE think the cards would do for Limited and Constructed play.  We will also add in our final thoughts for each card after we give a rating.  Also, I will list pros and cons of each card. This will be a cliff notes version of the card that is spoiled.

Now for our rating system:

5.0:  This card is an absolute BOMB.  Those familiar with Magic the Gathering will know what this means.  For those that aren’t, let us explain.  A BOMB is a card that makes a huge impact in the game it’s played in.  These cards tend to be hard to defend against.  Sometimes a card that’s a bomb in limited may be rated lower for constructed play.

4.0:  This card is great.  This card can change a game quickly, get you back in the game, or shift tempo in Limited and you want to play this card.  In Constructed It is not unbeatable but still pretty amazing.

3.0:  This card is good and if you are looking to fill your Limited deck but sometimes gets cut.  Adding this card may round out your deck.  In Constructed this card will have its niche.

2.0:  This card is put in your Limited deck if all other cards are not viable and a card that normally gets cut.  In Constructed you will rarely play this card unless you “have a feeling” or you want to be “cute”.

1.0:  Filler bait for Limited.  This card gets cut so often that you may never see this card played.  In Constructed this card may be a proxy for another card you don’t own or just a 1 of because you “want to try something”.  Overall stay away from this card if possible.

Charlotte, Determined Girl / Charlotte, the Mage of Sacred Spirit


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • Energize
  • 400/1200 body is not very desirable
  • Cheap Judgment cost
  • Its activated ability on both sides is decent
  • ETB trigger nets you cards
  • Discarding cards in limited is no bueno
  • Gain life when you draw cards
  • Cannot be attacked

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  While her Ruler side has a decent ability and a cheap Judgment cost, her J-Ruler side is good, but not great.  I love that she can block just about anything and will survive, but when she blocks she won’t kill the attacker much of the time.  And by blocking, you have to rest her which cuts down on calling Magic stones, so I feel you won’t want to flip her until turn 5-6.  It is a nice bonus that you gain 100 life for each time you draw a card, but unless you build around that ability to abuse it, it’s probably going to mean your opponent needs to deal an additional 600-800 points of damage.  That can equate an additional turn for you which may be all you need to win the game.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  Charlotte is not that great for Limited currently but may be better in Constructed due to so many ways to draw cards. In Limited she can only do so much and draw so many cards. She may deck you out if not careful.  Gaining life sure is nice though.

Charlotte’s Protector


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • Draw a card if discarded
  • UU for 500/500 doesn’t pass the vanilla test
  • Combos with Charlotte
  • No evasion
  • Too early but only works well with Charlotte

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This guy won’t have much impact at all in New Frontiers.  If the ability triggered from the battlefield, it would get a higher rating, but with it just being triggered when the card is discarded, the effect is much too narrow.  And it would only go into a Water heavy deck because of the restrictive Will cost.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  This card is not going to win a tourney but it may be used if the ruler is Charlotte in Limited. I do not see this card being played in Constructed unless major support is out there.

Rabbit of the Aqua Moon


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • Combos well with Charlotte
  • Works better as a combo
  • Draws a card
  • 200/400 body
  • Helps filter
  • It’s a bunny!

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card does combo well with Charlotte’s Protector, but that’s probably the best thing it has going for it.  For a 1-drop, it’s stats are decent and it can block well for a 1-drop, but outside of being part of a combo piece, you might want to look elsewhere.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited I may play this card if I need to fill a slot but not too crazy about it. It can filter but you lose a card too. In Constructed it may be used with a tribal theme deck. I mean Killer Bunnies is a thing, right?

Charlotte’s Water Transformation Magic


Limited:  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Instant speed combat trick
  • Name of the spell
  • Remnant
  • Resonator loses all abilities
  • Most resonators can kill the bear
  • Cheap

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card is amazing.  It helps a deck without Flying resonator block (and likely kill) an opponent’s Flying resonator.  It also has Remnant so for each copy, you’ll get two uses out of it.  Also, the thought of casting this on a Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flame makes me happy, as it will lose its automatic ability and will not deal 500 points of damage to you if you manage to kill it while she’s a bear.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  I love this card in both formats. This card can change a game and make beatsticks into something you can “bear” with.

Summon from Memoria


Limited:  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

  • Cheap cost
  • Does not have Quickcast
  • Draws a card
  • Sets up the next few turns
  • Filters deck

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  3.0  (🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  Even though it doesn’t have Quickcast, being able to filter through your deck to find a specific card for your needs at the time or to find a piece of your combo is a very important thing.  I think this will find a home in many of the decks containing ways to make Water will.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  This card is also another card I would play in both formats. In Limited this card is amazing! You have a small deck anyway and you can draw a card and set your future turns? Yes, I want more please! In Constructed, this card is great just like in Limited. A control player would love to set their turns up. Very good card.

Guide to the Ancient Wall


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • Good stats for 2U
  • No evasion
  • Automatic ability is useful
  • Situational automatic ability

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.5  (🌟🌟½)

(Mike):  I think this card will see some play.  It had good stats for a 3-drop, and since it’s ability doesn’t involve resting it, he can target himself to get through at least 600 points of damage.  Combine that with the bounce effects common in Water, and I think this card lends itself to a pretty aggressive build.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  It is okay in Limited because you need to have water chants/additions to make this card better and in Limited, that could be an issue. In Constructed, I don’t see this card doing too much unless you are playing heavy Water cards. I am not jumping up and down for this card.

Melt to Nothing


Limited:  2.0  (🌟🌟)

  • Combat tricks are always fun
  • 1UU is a high cost
  • Makes your team dangerous unexpectedly
  • Cute spell, but not great
  • Your J-ruler can even be used for this spell
  • Quickcast
  • Chance to sneak a win

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  2.0  (🌟🌟)

(Mike):  This card has potential, but you’ll typically need a lot of resonators in play to use it effectively.  It works great against cards with Addition: Resonators attached to them, or against resonators that were played earlier than usual with their Incarnation ability.  Having Quickcast means this can be a good way to end the game if your opponent is at a low enough life total that you can remove their key blockers and still have enough attacking power to push through.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  This card is a “cute” card in my opinion. In Limited, this card can be decent but UU is a hefty price if you are playing more than one color. It all depends in my book. In Constructed, this card could be playable but I am not a big fan. Better two drops out there.

Lumia, Sealed in the Frozen Casket / Lumia, Saint of World Awakening


Limited:  1.0  (🌟)  (May change with new spoilers)

  • Resets life to 4000
  • May be impossible to cast without shift
  • Put chant into hand with ETB trigger
  • Requirements to shift are high
  • Good stats
  • Only useful when you shift
  • Can bring you back from the brink
  • Cannot attack or block
  • May be killed before you shift
  • Too early to tell with support currently

Constructed (Alice Cluster):  4.0  (🌟🌟🌟🌟)

(Mike):  I think this card has the possibility to be amazing.  If you’re playing a deck with access to multiple dual stones, playing this on turn 3 or 4 and then shifting it on turn 5 should be back-breaking to your opponent.  Also, since you’ll have access to both Fire and Water will, you have multiple ways to keep your opponents field clear of threats, which should give you the breathing room you’ll need to stay alive until you can get this card shifted.  I can see this being a good finisher for a control deck.

Overall Thoughts:  (Ruben):  In Limited, good luck casting this currently with the spoilers being revealed. I wouldn’t run it unless the support was there. In Constructed, I LOVE THIS CARD for control players! If Lapis plans to utilize three will spells, they may have support coming, right? Either way this card can definitely help Tree decks and any deck that plans to utilize those 3 colors. I would play this card.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article and please feel free to comment below and share what your rating is and why. Please be respectful and we look forward to bringing more articles your way!